10 Basic Criteria A Successful Blogger Should Have

Blogging is now a profession. If you are new in this line and planning to develop yourself as a professional blogger, you must have some basic criteria. These criteria are must for a new blogger for success. You can see, there are many people around us. But many of them are not a blogger. They do not have these criteria. So, here are those criteria:

1. You must be good in English. English is the language in which most of the blogs and websites are made. If you are bad in English, you have to learn it before coming to blogging. You have to do blogging in English. So, read English more and more. In this way, you can learn English quickly.

2. You must have the resources i.e: A Computer and Internet Connection. You must know how to operate a computer and your typing speed should be good also.

3. You must have enough time to work for your blog. If you are busy in your works from dawn to dusk, you will not be able to a good blogger. You must spend at least 3 hours for your blog every day.

4. You must be patient. Quick success is not possible in Blogging. Patience will create your way to success. You will not get the interest at first. It may seem boring sometimes. But, if you can overcome it and keep on blogging in the right way, you will be succeeded surely.

5. You must read. Reading improves writing. You should read various blogs and websites. Try to catch up on the writing style of other bloggers. Learn more and more about the topics they are writing about. Read the comments and see what people want.

6. You must read blogging tutorials online. There are many blogs which are full of new techniques and information about modern blogging. You may search on Google and you will get many websites for newcomers there.

7. You should start blogging in BLOGGER platform at first. It is very easy. You will get many tutorials about how to start blogging in Blogger.com. When you will learn all the techniques about blogging, you may start blogging in WordPress.

8. You should contact any professional blogger for personal help. There will be many issues in which you will need help. Google does not have all the answers. So, you just need anyone who can show you the right way at least.

10 Basic Criteria A Successful Blogger Should Have

9. You should write at least one post everyday. The posts must contain more than 500 words. Write about anything you know better. You can collect data by searching for Google. But remember, never copy-paste anything from any websites and blogs.

10. Lastly, you must not be greedy. You must not blog for money only. You have to blog for your mental satisfaction. You will get your money if you follow the correct rules.

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