10 Common Tips For Every Android Phone Users

Android phones are top of the market right now. People prefer buying an Android phone whenever they need any cell phone device. So, it is becoming part of life nowadays. There is literally nothing in this world which can’t be done by done by Android phones. All works in your daily life can be helped and made easy by these phones. But as a new Android phone user, you must know some basic things for operating your device effectively. Here are some tips for every Android Phone Users:

10 Common Tips For Every Android Phone Users

1. Always kill an app before starting a new app. If you don’t need the app after using, kill the app process simply by going to Settings>Apps>App Name>Force Stop. It will save your battery by preventing the app from running in the background.

2. Don’t install a lot of apps on your phone. It will reduce the free space of your phone and cause slow performance. Install only the most needed apps. Other apps can be made backup and kept in SD Card. When you need them, you can always install them.

3. Regularly check the battery percentage. It is better if you show the Battery Percentage on your home screen by going to Settings and Battery>Battery Percentage. It will give you the idea of your battery’s capacity and the time to recharge it.

4. If you want to get all the hidden privileges of your Android, then Root your phone. It will give you the permission to use some greatest apps like Greenify and increase battery performance.

5. Don’t keep too many widgets on your home screen. It will slow down your device. Use only the most needed ones like Phone, Settings, Browser, File Manager, Messenger etc.

6. Always turn off the Bluetooth and WiFi connection after using. These services consume much more battery than other apps.

7. Always recharge your battery when the charge percentage comes below 50%. Use your battery up to 5% and recharge once in a month to increase your battery life.

8. Always install apps from trusted provider i.e: Google Play Store. Third-party apps from any other websites may contain viruses which can be fatal for your device.

9. Buy a cover for your phone to keep it safe from dust, water, and sudden fall from height.

10. Install anti-theft software like Prey, Avast, Mobile Alarm System etc to keep your phone safe from thieves.

Those are the most common tips for Android users. There are thousands of other tips regarding this. But, if you follow all the above tips, you will get an awesome experience using your Android phone. Thank you.

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