10 Criteria Of An Ideal Reading Room To Study Easily

A reading room is a first and most important resource for a student to study well. Most of the students use their living room as the reading room. But if you can afford, you may have a distinct reading room dedicated to reading only. This type of room must fulfill some criteria. When you come home from school or college or work, you are tired enough and have no energy to study. But, if your reading room is attractive enough, you will forget about the tiredness and you will start reading straight away! So, an ideal study room is a must for any person who wants to study daily. Here are some criteria for an ideal study room:

1. Position: The reading room must be in a place where the external sound is less. The room must be calm all day and all night. You may find this type of room at the back side of your home as the front side always has roads and vehicles.

2. Size: The size of the room matters a lot. You can not study well in a too small room or a very large room. You have to choose a room which is medium in size. You need to fill it up with some materials. So, the size needs to be considered cautiously.

3. Light: You can not read in darkness. Bad light can hamper your reading and cause you eye problems. So, you need a proper light source for your reading room. So, choose a room with at least 2 windows. Natural light should be used during the day and artificial table lamp light should be used at night. Set your reading table beside a window.

4. Reading Table: A reading table or study table affects reading so much. You need to have a medium sized table for studying. It should contain bookshelf to keep your important books, which you need most often. The table should be decorated with a beautiful table cloth. You can have a flower vase on your table for making it more attractive. An attracting table lamp, table clock, calendar, etc can make it beautiful also.

5. The Chair: The chair should be comfortable enough. You can buy a comfortable chair with foam. Your chair offers you the seat during reading. So, choose a chair that can help you while reading. If you want to read magazines during leisure, you may find these types of tables essential:
10 Criteria Of An Ideal Reading Room To Study Easily
6. Bookshelf: Your table will contain some important and most needed books. But do not keep all the books on your table. Those should be kept in a bookshelf. There are many beautiful bookshelves in the market. You can buy one according to your need.
10 Criteria Of An Ideal Reading Room To Study Easily
7. Room Decoration: You will look at the room while reading for a long time. A well-decorated room can change your mind and make you happy. So, give emphasis on the color of the walls, wall mats, floor tiles, etc. You must keep an AC or a fan for the summer days. Keep a center light for proper lighting of the room. You can keep a single bed for resting after studying for a long time. But do not use that bed so often for longer times.

8. Recreations: You may keep facilities for preparing tea to refresh yourself. Keep drinking water near the table. Keep a music player at a corner for refreshing your mind. When you feel bored reading for a long time, refresh your mind by listening to some rocking songs. But do not listen to music all the time. Your prime duty is to study, keep it in mind.

9. Toilet Facilities: Your reading room must have an attached toilet only for you. It should be hygienic and cleaned every day.

10. Users: Lastly, Your room should be used only by you. If any other person enters your room so often, your attention will be diverted easily. So, restrict the entrance of any other family members in that room. Make it your own little world. Do your job with attention. Your success will knock at the door very soon!

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