10 Easy Remedies To Stop Snoring Permanently

Snoring is a bad habit. You can spoil your partner’s sleep by snoring all night! Many people snore during sleep. Most of them do not know that they snore and they do not believe it either! If you want to prevent or stop snoring, you must follow these easy remedies. Let’s see what are those:

1. Do not sleep on your back. You can sleep lying on a side. It will make enough room in your air passage and you will not snore.

2. You have to lose your weight. If your weight is more than normal, then your muscles of the neck will decrease your air passage during sleeping, producing noisy snoring.

3. Do not take alcohol or drugs. Those who take alcohol just prior to sleep, are more prone to snoring.

4. Take an extra pillow. It will also reduce your chances of snoring as your head will be slightly elevated than your body.

5. Quit smoking. Smoking causes a decreased capacity of oxygen use in your body. Thus, it reduces the passage of the air during expiration.

6. Sleep during a fixed time. Go to bed early and wake up in the morning before sunrise. It will allow your body to get more rest and you will not snore.

7. Perform physical exercise regularly. It will increase blood circulation in your body and you will have a sound sleep at night.

8. Drink water adequately, at least 8-10 glasses. It will keep your nasal passage clear and reduce the incidence of snoring.

9. Clean your nasal passage. If you have a running nose, you must treat it quickly. You may use an inhaler if needed.

10. Have your dinner 2 hours before going to sleep. It will give you enough time for digestion. So, you will get sound sleep.

Follow these simple steps and have a snoring free sleep.

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