10 Easy Ways To Remain Safe In Facebook

Facebook is the part and parcel of our life now. We can not think of this website for even a day. So, we need to provide security of our Facebook account. There are many mistakes which can ruin your Facebook account and can cause serious harm to you. Hackers are more powerful nowadays. They can hack your account if you do not secure your account with these simple tricks:

1. Use at least 2 mobile number and e-mail address in your Facebook ID and keep the privacy to Only me.

2. If you lose your mobile phone, change your mobile number from your Facebook ID as soon as possible. Then replace your SIM card.

10 Easy Ways To Remain Safe In Facebook

3. If you use Gmail as your e-mail, then activate two-step verification system so that nobody can access your email ID except you.

4. Keep at least 2 mobile phone numbers in your Gmail account. So, if any number fails to receive the message containing the Verification Code, the other number will do it!

5. Use special characters inside the password of both email and Facebook ID. Such as: !@#$%^&* etc.

6. Keep Secure Browsing on in your Facebook ID. You will get this option in the Security Settings of your Facebook ID. Also, enable the Login Notification. It is better not to enable the login Approval as sometimes the message containing the verification code takes longer to come.

7. Do not use unknown apps on Facebook. Always use trusted Instant Messenger for chatting.

8. Check the apps you have used before and removed the apps that are unnecessary now.

9. Do not disclose your passwords online or anywhere to any person. Keep your personal information safe.

10. If any web page asks for your Facebook login ID and Password, do not provide those. Check the URL of the page in the address bar. It is the most used way of hacking your Facebook ID.

If you follow these rules, there is no possibility of hacking your Facebook ID. Remain safe, use Facebook cautiously.

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