10 Easy Ways To Sort The Good Company For Investment

Near about 300 companies traded in Dhaka Stock Exchange Ltd. and Chittagong Stock Exchange Ltd. Bangladesh but all the companies are not good to invest. Some of them are losing concern or did not pay a dividend to their shareholders regularly.

Let’s see 10 Easy Ways to sort the good company to investment!

1) A company that would like to understand the potential and how to verify that the sector is large. Whether the company is good matter what sector do not have the growth, the company will not be so long.

2) If the company is good, but it would be dominated by the countries extensive is it? The service will be popular with many of its products.

3) Think about it, once the rush comes to a great competitor, and this company will survive in the market? If you truly are the best of the company will improve despite the competition.

4) As I go and profit! Indeed, the company continued to sell well and be able to increase the amount of profit. In view of the past is not so? If not, the idea of ​​buying shares in this company!

5) Look at sharp how to see the company’s debt. A good company, the loan amount is less than its capital.

6) What is the rate of the benefit of her capital? If the company is really good, but the rate of profit will be much, much more.

7) wise man saves, so knowing the company keeps its profit reserves to save money. See how’s Retain Earnings.

8) Higher costs or more investment companies cannot afford economic travel uphill and downhill easily.

9) Check it that the company is invested to expand its business to earn money and whether it was successful or being? A good company is always to increase its business in the ever-new measures.

10) At the close, the cost always increases, not decreases! So this extra burden to the company increased the price of its product-service can adjust? Or It can’t be raised selling price to decrease sales.  If not, then it will reduce the company’s profits, but day by day, that means that it is not a good sign!

Check the top 10 things you can find the best company properly where to your investment.


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