10 Health Issues Why You Are Not Having Children

There are many people in this world who are trying to have a child. But, there are many of them who are being failed to produce one. There are many reasons behind this. Most of the reasons are residing in their body, of both the husband and the wife. In this post from maxbangla.com, you will know about the 10 health issues which will prevent you to have a baby. Let’s see what are those:

1. Obesity: Obesity or overweight is one of the most prevailing cause of infertility over the recent few years. If the woman is obese, then the hormonal system adjusts by some dramatical changes inside the body. It affects the reproduction system, especially the uterus. So, loose weight as soon as possible if your BMI is more than normal.

10 Health Issues Why You Are Not Having Children

2. Underweight: It is just the opposite of the previous cause. If your body is excessively thin, then you will face difficulty in producing a child. Women will face menstrual problems if the can’t eat more and increase their body weight. So, work more, eat more, if you are underweight, to overcome this health issue.

3. Increased Age: Age is one of the great health issues nowadays. Many women are marrying after 30 years of age now, just to be settled with their career. It affects them greatly. 45-50 years is the end limit of reproduction for any woman. But, the process starts soon after 35 years. So, many of those women who are trying to have a baby after this age, are not being succeeded now.

4. Genetic Cause: If your mother has a history of early menopause, then you may face it too. If your mother has a history of late age childbirth, then you will also have a risk of that. There are many genetical factors playing roles here in the reproduction system, which you can’t change.

5. Mental Stress: Mental stress is one of the health issues in this world. People are remaining distressed all the time. It affects their body to a great extent. Scientists have proved that a tensed mother has less chance of producing a baby than a mother who remains happy most of the time.

10 Health Issues Why You Are Not Having Children

6. Alcoholism: Alcohol reduced the reproductive capacity of women as well as men. Many studies in western countries have shown this fact. So, stop alcoholism as soon as possible if you want a baby.

7. Caffeine: Excessive caffeine can reduce reproductive power. Those who take more than 5 cups of coffee a day are suffering in the problem of not  producing a child.

10 Health Issues Why You Are Not Having Children

8. Thyroid Problems: Thyroid glands secrete important hormones which are needed for reproduction. If any woman has thyroid diseases, then she might have difficulty in having a baby.

9. STD: Sexually Transmitted Diseases are rapidly being a major risk factor of infertility. So, those who have Gonorrhoea, Syphilis etc are having problems to have a baby.

10. Other Diseases: There are many diseases of the genital tracts and the lower abdomen which hampers reproduction. If anyone have one or more of those, should seek medical help in order to have a baby.

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