WordPress Installation: 10 Important Tasks To Follow

WordPress is the most popular and responsive blogging platform. Most website users use WordPress. You can create an electrifying website by it if you give emphasis on these 10 tasks after installing WordPress.

1. When you install WordPress, a profile named “ADMIN” is created. If you do not delete this profile, your website will be vulnerable to hacking. So, create a new profile and delete the admin profile as soon as possible.

2. Use a strong password for your profile. If the password is weak, it will be easier for hackers to hack your website. Here are some tips on creating a strong password.

3. WordPress default permalink is very difficult in structure and it is not user-friendly. You must change the permalink settings of your website. It is better to make the post name as the permalink.

4. When you install WordPress, some plugins are installed automatically. If you do not use any plugin, uninstall it to make your site faster.

5. Always use the latest WordPress version to enjoy updated facilities. Remove version number from the dashboard to make your site more secure.

6. Optimize your website database regularly, use this plugin to optimize the database.

7. Use All in one SEO pack for better search engine optimization.

8. Update your profile for search engine optimization. Give the required information.

9. Write posts regularly to make the website running. At least 1 post per day is enough.

10. Use Akismet plugin for getting rid of spam comments.

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