10 Off Page Search Engine Optimization SEO Tips For Website

Off Page Optimization is one of the two parts of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The other one is On Page Optimization. On Page means optimizing your own website whereas off page means doing some special tasks outside your website for the sake of your website. In this post from maxbangla.com, you will be provided with 10 must-to-do off page optimization techniques for drawing more visitors in your website. So, let’s see what are those.

1. Social Networking Websites: Social networking websites are one of the most important off page optimization ways for the last few years. Social Communication Websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin etc are full of potential genuine visitors of your website. You need to grab those by signing up to those websites and create your own website’s profile there. The more you become active on those social networking websites, the more visitors you will get. Always try to understand the need of the people around you. Share related and appropriate information with your website links. It will draw more visitors to your website.

15 Off Page Search Engine Optimization SEO Tips For Website

2. Blog Marketing: Comment on do-follow blogs of your niche with your website name and link. Don’t spam by only putting the link alone. Write something about the article also. Otherwise, your comments may not be approved by the admin. When your links will be crawled by the search engines, you will get more visitors on your website.

3. Forum Marketing: Forums are also important ways of off page search engine optimization. Sign up in related forums and post there about any important topic. Reply to the other topics with helpful information. You can use your website link in the signature of your forum profile. It will help you get more visitors from those forums.

4. Search Engine Submission: Search Engines are active enough to find your website themselves. But, you can speed up this work by submitting your website link on popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

5. Directory Submission: Directories contain same types of websites in a place. It helps people to find out similar websites. So, submit your website link on your niche directories.

6. Social Bookmarking: Social Bookmarking means submitting your latest blog posts on popular social bookmarking websites like Digg, Stumbleupon, Reddit, Delicious etc. Search engines crawl these websites too often. So, you will get related visitors from these websites if you can use the tags effectively.

7. Photo Marketing: Photos attract more than the texts. You can share photos of your website along with the website link as the caption in some popular photo sharing websites like Picasa, Flickr, Photo Bucket etc.

8. Video Marketing: Videos are being popular day by day due to the availability of internet to the people. Share your website links on popular video websites like YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion etc. Create video tutorials and give your website links on the description of those videos.

9. Guest Blogging: Guest Blogging is another good way of bringing visitors on your website. Write informative posts on other popular websites that permit guest blogging. Share your website links inside your post and also at the end of it.

10. Answer Questions: Try to answer to the questions in Yahoo Answers website. Try to help them with tutorials of your website. It will help you to get a good number of visitors.

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