10 Public Toilet Rules To Follow For A Healthy & Disease-Free Life

Traveling outdoors often requires the use of public toilets. There are public toilets at railway stations, bus terminals, filling stations, highway restaurants in large cities. Besides, many use toilet in office, court, school, college, mosque, madrasa, hospital, hotel and restaurant. If these toilets are not healthy then there may be an attack of many diarrheal diseases such as typhoid, cholera, diarrhea, gallstones, hepatitis A, worms, etc. Again, there are some rules to use toilet pans, water taps, toilet showers, utensils, door locks, toilet floors, and walls. There may even be various types of skin diseases. Because it takes a lot of people’s skin to touch the same place. So it is important to be careful when using public toilets. So, in this post from MaxBangla.com, you will get 10 Public Toilet Rules.


1. Use the seperate toilets for men and women if there is a sign like the following image. Do not enter a men’s toilet if you are a woman. Likely, do not enter a women’s toilet if you are a man.

10 Public Toilet Rules To Follow For A Healthy & Disease-Free Life

2. Don’t go to the toilet with bare feet. Must enter the toilet with the shoe on.

3. Use tissue paper to open or close the toilet door, open or close the water tap or hold the toilet flush.

4. Before sitting on the commode, make sure to pull the flush or pour water.

5. You can keep some tissue paper in place of sitting in the commode before sitting on it. It protects against direct skin contact. Discard the tissue later.

10 Public Toilet Rules To Follow For A Healthy & Disease-Free Life

6. After using the toilet, pull the flush again or pour water again untill the commode becomes clean.

10 Public Toilet Rules To Follow For A Healthy & Disease-Free Life

7. Do not throw waste materials in the toilet, such as paper, clothes, etc. These may be stuck in the toilet pipe and cause a drain closure.

8. Do not hold door handles, the water tap with the dirty hands after leaving the excreta.

9. After using the toilet, wash your hands thoroughly with soap. If you do not find soap, refrain from eating anything in your hand until it is washed. Do not even touch the nose, mouth or eyes.

10. You can keep a soap or hand sanitizer and thin paper in a handbag for travel or distance travel. Clean your hands with hand sanitizer during using public toilets on the way.

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