10 Qualities Of A Popular & Successful Blog Or Website

Writing a blog is not easy. You need to be a good writer for maintaining the quality of any blog. If you have a blog and you want to make it popular, you must go through some exclusive tips. I have tried many things in my short blogging career. Now I will summarize the tricks to make a blog successful and popular.

10 Qualities Of A Successful Blog Or Website


1. WRITE KILLER POSTS: You may have heard the name of killer posts. It means any post with a huge amount of information which is necessary for daily life. You must spend some time to write those posts. You can write one killer posts in 6 hours, in many periods. Thus you will get the quality and information needed there.

2. BLOG DESIGN: I recommend a simple and easy design for beginners. Your blog must be looking so simple that people don’t get exhausted looking at many unnecessary widgets. You must have a good navigation system and some useful widgets to help your readers.

3. PAGE LOADING TIME: Don’t increase your page loading time by adding any unnecessary extra content like a clock, sports update widget, weather widgets, etc. Your readers came to your blog for reading your posts, not these things. It makes your blog heavier and slows it down.

4. SEO: Search Engine Optimization is the main work to do for any blog. Both On-page and Off-page optimization will give you thousands of unique visitors from search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

5. REGULARITY: Don’t post irregularly. It hampers your visitors as well as the search engines. Make sure you write at least one article a day for the starting times. Then you may reduce the frequency to one posts per week. Post during a fixed time of the day to get maximum response.

6. SOCIAL SHARING: Facebook, Google plus, Twitter, Digg, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc are the social networks in which thousands of visitors are waiting for your blog’s link. You have to share your blog posts regularly so that you get some visitors from these sources.

7. AUTHOR-VISITOR RELATIONSHIP: You must write your posts in a way that the people reading your post can think that you are just before them. Thus you need to be friendly to them, ask about their likes and dislikes, ask them to comment and contact. It will make yourself more reliable than other bloggers.

8. BE DEDICATED: If you love work and get success in that field, your desire to do that work will increase by 100 times. So, give your hundred percent to your blog. Again, make some extra time for blogging and researching. Learn the use of  Webmaster Tools. Check our blog from time to time to see if there are any abnormalities or not.

9. READ OTHER BLOGS: You will get new post ideas, new information, new tricks, and tips by reading other successful blogs. It will help you to improve your blog. You can also get backlinks from those blogs by commenting on their posts.

10. ADVERTISING: Your blog may get more traffic if you advertise in some other successful blogs. You may need some money to advertise, but if you can keep your link in a very popular blog, you will get thousands of visitors from that website. You can also use Google Adwords for advertising.

Thank you for reading this article about a Successful Blog.

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