10 Reasons Why Visitors Are Leaving Your Website Quickly

A visitor means a lot to any website. When your website is getting a lot of visitors from search engines, you will feel better certainly. It will help you to spread your business more rapidly. On the other hand, when the visitors leave your website, it will be a headache for you. In this post from maxbangla.com, you will get 10 reasons why visitors are leaving your website quickly.

1. Your Website Is Too Slow: This is the most common cause in the world on this matter. If your website is not fast enough to open in 10 seconds, you will lose 50% of your visitors who will close the window without waiting for your website anymore.

10 Reasons Why Visitors Are Leaving Your Website Quickly

2. Your Website Design Is Bad: Visitors always want the necessary information quickly. If you don’t keep the links of the various categories on the home page of your website, you will lose some of them. They will try to find their necessary information by searching and leave the website if they don’t find it. If you don’t have any search box on your website, you will be in great danger.

3. Your Website Texts Are Not Readable: Some website owners like colors. But, visitors always like black and white with minimal design to save their bandwidth. If your texts are too small or too large, the background color is more or less similar to the text color, visitors will find it difficult to read your website and leave without spending any further seconds.

4. You Use Lots Of Ads: Advertisements are important for the smooth running of any website. But, too many ads will ruin your website. The ads should be placed in some specific spaces. Visitors will leave your website if they find that it is full of ads.

5. Your Website Has Outdated Theme & Plugins: If your website is still running on an old version of a theme and outdated plugins, then visitors will find it difficult to browse it smoothly. So, they will leave if quickly.

6. You Use Autoplay Videos: Videos are embedded in your website and you have applied the autoplay option. So, visitors are opening your web page and the video is starting to play automatically. It will make them angry and they will click on the cross icon of the website tab.

7. You Require Registration & Login: If you hide any information and ask the visitors to register and login to get that, you will lose some visitors. Similarly, preventing them from a comment on your posts without registration will also cause the same problem.

8. Your Website Has Copy-Paste Contents: Most of the new website owners copy and paste contents from another website to their own website. The visitors always want unique information. If they find any copied materials on your website, then they will leave your website.

9. Your Website Is Not Responsive: If your website is not responsive to look good from any browsers, then the visitors will find it boring to zoom in and navigate to read the contents. So, they will prefer to close the tab.

10. Your Website Is Hacked: If you don’t check your website every day and suddenly find that it is losing visitors, then this might be a possibility too. Some viruses will prevent browsing from specific browsers and locations. Some others will download the software automatically on the visitor’s computer. If that is the case, you may lose visitors quickly.

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