Top 10 Silly Unforgivable Common CV Writing Mistakes

CV or Curriculum Vitae is the information you show to an authority to express yourself in a formal way. It makes the first impression on their minds. So, to get any job or to become selected for any work, you must know what are the reasons that may harm you while posting a CV. Here are the top 10 common CV writing mistakes.


1. Contact Address: Your contact address is situated at the very beginning of your CV. If you make a mistake in typing it, you start the negative impression on their mind right from the beginning. Some people make funny email addresses like or something like that using awkward words. It also makes the authority angry and you lose your slightest chance of being selected.

Top 10 Silly Unforgivable Common CV Writing Mistakes

2. Spelling & Grammar: Spelling and Grammar must be correct in your CV. If there is a slight mistake, you may not get the job. Capitalization also matters a lot. So, take help from a highly educated person to check and recheck your CV before you drop it in the organization.

3. Your Photo: Your photo tells a lot about you. If you look good and handsome in the photo, you start with a nice impression right away. As photos draw attention before the texts, take a gentle photo and use it in your CV. Never use any photo that is not passport size and have any spots on it. It is one of the most common CV writing mistakes.

4. Inaccurate Date: Your CV may be written a few days earlier than the CV posting date. So, make sure you change the date and make it the date of the posting day. Otherwise, your CV may be rejected.

5. Too Much Personal Information: You must know that the authority has a minimum interest in your personal life. What you like, what you dislike and what are your favorites are not their headaches. They only want to know your qualifications and skills. So, don’t lengthen your CV by inputting these types of personal information in a huge amount.

6. Wrong Information: If you write any wrong information or try to write lies just to make you look brilliant, it will be exposed. Because the authority is far smarter than you think them to be. They will not even call you for an interview if they find anything misleading in your CV. So, write only the truth, not the lies.

7. Silly Fonts: Fonts also matters for a CV. If you use a font that is not readable easily, your CV may find it’s the way in the dust bin at the first second. Don’t use very small of very large fonts. Also, avoid bold and italic fonts too often. It is thought to be one of the most common CV writing mistakes.

8. Long Paragraphs: Long paragraphs are boring. They take a long time to read. The authority doesn’t have that much time to read it. Rather, they will be annoyed with it. So, avoid paragraphs containing the above 3 sentences at most. Use short paragraphs to write your CV.

9. A Cover: Your CV should be inserted into a paper cover and then it should be posted. A naked CV is not acceptable in most of the organizations. Write your Name, Contact Address and Mailing Address on the cover to help them identify your CV.

10. Wrong Order: A wrong chronological order of your educational or job history may lead to a bad impression of the authority. So, use your latest jobs or educational degrees at the top of the list. It will make them happy and they will be able to make their decision more easily.

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