10 Tasks You Must Do Everyday After Waking Up At Morning

Human being has a biological cycle, which is very unique. We sleep at night for 6-8 hours regularly. Then we work all the day. When this cycle becomes hampered, many problems arise. At the morning, you should wake up as early as you can. Then you should perform some tasks every day. These are some important ones. You can’t pass a day without performing these tasks at morning. Here are those:

[N.B: These are rearranged serially according to my own view. You can make it your own serial of the following tasks.]

1. Clean your bed: Your bed becomes untidy when you sleep. You must decorate it and make it clean after waking up.

2. Go to toilet: Micturition and Defecation is must every morning. Bowel and Bladder habit should be regular.

3. Drink water: Drinking water in empty stomach has many advantages. To know some of those, click here.

4. Have a bath: You should have a bath at morning everyday. After the bath, your body will be clean and your mind will be fresh. It will change your attitude towards the works.

5. Say your prayer: Whatever is your religion, you must say prayer at morning. God will bless you if you regularly remember the ultimate power behind your existence.

6. Physical exercise: Regular Physical Exercise can make your body fit for long term works. Here are some advantages of regular physical exercise.

7. Make a “To Do Note”: It always a better idea to write down the jobs to be done during the day at morning. It will help you to make a plan for the day.

8. Healthy breakfast: Breakfast is the most important food. As we don’t get any food during sleep. So, a balanced diet in breakfast menu is important.

9. Brush your teeth: Sometimes, when we get up late in the morning, we skip brushing our teeth. It creates foul smelling which can destroy your day. So, brushing after breakfast is a must every morning.

10 Tasks You Must Do Everyday After Waking Up At Morning

10. Get ready for work: Being prepared for going to work is also equally important. You must make yourself look smart and beautiful enough to go out for your work.

If you can follow these tasks every day, your day will be a success, I guarantee. Thanks for reading this post.

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  1. I do all of these regularly except missing exercise and to do list(I do it at night most of time, and review at morning) sometimes!

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