10 Things A Wife Wants To Listen From Her Husband

Every wife wants her husband to praise her. But this praise should be real, not a fake one. So, if you love your wife so much, it’s not a difficult job to utter these words which your wife wants to listen from you. Here are 10 things your wife wants to listen from your mouth every day:

1. You are so beautiful: This simple sentence is very powerful, yet can’t be told so easily every day. It’s not necessary that your wife is really beautiful or not. But you have tied the knot with her. So, she has something special in her beauty that attracts you. Try to find it out and say this sentence at least once a day looking at her eyes.

2. Let me do it for you: Your wife always works hard for you. So, if you have free time, you should also contribute to her works. This simple sentence will make your wife happy and she will feel proud of having a caring husband like you.

3. Let’s go out for dinner: Your wife likes to go out with you. She wants the whole world to see you together. So, if you have got time, go out for dinner at least once a week.

10 Things A Wife Wants To Listen Form Her Husband

4. You are my first love: Every woman wants her husband to be a virgin, like every man does. So, it’s important you speak the truth to her and say her, she is the first woman of your life.

5. What do you think about it: Your wife always wants to make decisions about your family. Whether she is right or wrong, you must give her the chance of making a comment about anything you decide. She may have better ideas than you. So, her ideas will also be taken while making any decision.

6. How can I help you: Your wife always wants you to help her. She wants to hear this sentence from your mouth every day. So, while your wife is working at home, ask her this question.

7. Let me take care of the kids: You may have small kids who consume the greater part of your wife’s time daily. If you say this sentence to your wife, she will be very happy.

8. I am sorry: Your wife does not want much from you. All she needs is to tell her the truth and apologize when you do something wrong.

9. I want you as a wife in every life: If there is any life after this one, I will want you to be my wife in those also. This sentence is very romantic. You can’t imagine how your wife will react after hearing this.

10. I love you: Last but all-important words are: I Love You. These 3 words can do impossibles at times. You should say it whenever you can every day.

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