10 Tips Before You Go On First Dating With Your Girlfriend

Love comes to everyone at any stage of life. When you fall in love with a girl, you become so much excited and happy. Thus, you may forget some important matters and show some kinds of immaturity in front of your girlfriend. In most of the cases, men do some silly mistakes in their first dating with their girlfriends. This may ruin your relationship before it starts. So, you should remember some important tips before you go on first dating with your girlfriend.

10 Tips Before You Go On First Dating With Your Girlfriend

1. Be positive: 1st Dating is always special. You will not forget the day until you die. So, you need to prepare yourself mentally and physically before going with her. The first thing to keep in mind is, you should be positive and brave enough. Don’t feel shy or ashamed. Most of the people feel very shy in front of their girlfriend on their first meet. It creates a negative impression on their girlfriend’s mind. So, be positive. It will make your dating success.

2. Time & Place: Afternoon is the best time to meet anyone for gossip. You may select a park, a restaurant or any other beautiful place for your first dating. Always try to select a spot which is less crowded, calm and beautiful.

3. Dressing: Dress up casually. Don’t try to be over-smart or under-smart. Have a bath before departing from your home. Use perfume or body spray. Brush your teeth. Make yourself look smart and handsome.

4. Buy a gift: Girls like red and love symbol gifts. You should buy a romantic gift for her. It is not necessary to be costly. But it must be gorgeous looking.

5. Be aware of timing: If you tell her to come at 4 p.m, then reach your destination at least 10 minutes earlier. Girls don’t like latecomers. So, reach on time for a good starting.

6. Greet with a smile: Greetings is very important for the first time. A gentle smile during talking is always very useful to win the heart of your girlfriend.

7. Topics: Tell her about your past stories and your friends and family. Then ask her about the same things. Tell her about your working place, experience, hobby, likes, dislikes, etc.

8. Praise her beauty: It does not matter how she looks, you must praise her beauty for more than one time during the whole conversation. Look at her eyes and tell her, you are looking so much beautiful today. It will make her happy and she will feel more comfortable talking with you.

9. Go for snacks: Go to a restaurant to have some snacks. Order the menu as per her wish. Pay the bill with a smile.

10. Buy a rose: At last, buy a red rose for her and gift her by saying “I love you so much”. This will make your girlfriend so much romantic. She will never forget this moment in her whole life.

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