10 Tips For Covid-19 Positive Patients in Home Isolation

The noble Coronavirus has spread like a pandemic for the last couple of months. Many people are suffering from a disease called Covid-19. If you are still healthy and still find yourself positive in the Covid-19 test result, you must make yourself isolated. In this period, you must follow some rules to remain healthy and recover early. However, if there is no sore throat or fever, if you are not feeling any pain in your hands, feet, or body, if there is no shortness of breath, you may still have the virus in your body. Many people like you have come up with positive results in the Covid-19 test already. They are leading a normal and healthy life as before. But, they must follow isolation. So, here are ten tips for those Covid-19 positive patients:

10 Tips For Covid-19 Positive Patients in Home Isolation


1. First of all, these Covid-19 positive patients without symptoms or with very few symptoms should stay home in isolation. Keep in touch with the hospital from home. Take medicine and diet on the advice of doctors.

2. Pay attention to food. Eat nutritious food. It will increase your body’s resistance to disease. As a result, you will recover quickly.

3. Avoid eating extra salt. Having a lot of salt raises blood pressure. If you have heart problems, it can be fatal. During this time, the saturation level of oxygen in the blood decreases.

4. Reduce the amount of sugar you eat as much as possible. Excess sugar impairs the effectiveness of the insulin hormone. You can eat seasonal fruits instead of sugar.

5. Do not eat any protein supplement without your doctor’s advice. Many people are drinking tea again and again. However, avoid excess tea. Drink green tea if necessary.

6. You should not eat cold foods at all. You should eat warm foods all the time. It is better to avoid keeping foods in the refrigerator.

7. Eat more ginger, garlic, turmeric. It will increase the body’s resistance to disease. It is excellent to eat raw turmeric in the morning.

8. Eat milk and yogurt regularly. The more you eat lemon, ripe papaya, almonds, pineapple, the better.

9. Don’t take self-medication. Always follow a physician if you feel any symptoms.

10. Follow the social distancing and wash your hands frequently.

You should not be panicked. Keep up the morale. Always think positive. Take treatment from home. Thanks for reading this post.

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