10 Tips For Teenage Girls Regarding Relationship With A Boy

Teenage girls are more vulnerable to relationship with boys. Now-a-days, relationships between boys and girls are breaking for silly matters. So, you have to be careful regarding selecting your life-partner. As teenage girls are not mature enough, some people may target them and use them for their own sake. Love is a holy relationship. If you are a girl and get a proposal from a boy, you must think a lot before making your decision. In this post, I will suggest you 10 tips which will be beneficial for you in case of making a relation with a boy for the first time in your life.


1. Look at his eyes: Eyes never tell lies. If someone really loves you and proposes you, always look at his eyes carefully. It is your observation and you know better whether he is proposing you from heart or has some other evil ideas on his mind.

2. Discuss with your friends: You may not be too much sure about the boy. You may discuss the matter with your close friends. Your mother, father, brother or sister may be helpful in this matter also. If they assure you, then you may proceed, otherwise it will be risky and dangerous for you alone.

3. Collect information about him: You may not know the boy too well. As most of the boys fall in love at first sight, you must now details about the boy at first before making your final decision. You may collect information about him and his family from his friends, your friends, or by directly talking to him.

4. Measure his love & responsibility: You should test his love for you by some simple tricks. But always keep in mind that nobody gets hurt by these. Check how much responsible he is by asking him for any job.

5. Emphasize on character: Money is not a matter. Today he might have a lot of money, but tomorrow he might have nothing at all. But character, education and behavior are more important for you. So, don’t tell yes to any rich man’s son without checking all these factors. Most of the times, they use girls and throw them after using them.

6. No physical relationship: If anyone loves you, he won’t force you for physical relationship. True love always becomes mental, not physical. So, if he insists you for physical relationship at the very beginning of the relationship, he is not the true lover, mind it.

7. Be good friends at first: Friendship is necessary for love. If you two become good friends, your relationship will never break. But if you don’t have good understanding, your relationship will be vulnerable.

8. Make your relationship public: Some people fears to tell their friends and family about their relationship. But it ultimately makes their bonding weaker. If your boyfriend cheats you, you won’t have anyone to share your feelings at that moment. If you tell your friends and family about him, he (and you also) will think a lot before breaking the relationship.

9. Be prepared for anything: As relationships can be broken anytime, be prepared for all possible outcomes of it. Even married people get divorced now-a-days. So, you must sacrifice a lot to continue a relationship for a long time.

10. Remain happy with what you have got: Your boyfriend may not be a hero in all the sectors. He might not look like a hero, he may lack certificates and have less money. But it’s important for you to have faith on him. You must give love to get love. Always be happy with what you got. It’s the ultimate rule for any relationship.

You can tell him “I Love You Too” after checking for all the above criteria. You may also have your own ideas, which may be better than these. So, the decision is finally yours.

Happy love life to you!

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