Facebook Profile Picture Likes: 10 Tips To Increase

On the festive season, numerous photos are taken on our mobile phones. And the Facebook profile picture is changed frequently. But sometimes, we do not get the desired amount of likes on our Facebook profile picture. If it happened to you, do not lose faith from yourself. You are not less than any celebrity in this world! If you keep these 10 tips in your mind, then you will also get a huge amount of likes on Facebook as well as any other social sharing website.

10 Tips To Increase Likes On Your Facebook Profile Picture


  1. Your face should be clearly visible in the profile picture. It is important to have a head-to-shoulder frame. And keep in mind that it looks as how you look in reality. Do not use any such editing software that changes your skin color. Be sure to match yourself with confidence.
  2. The quality of the photo should be good. It should not be blurred or dark.
  3. The exact time to apply profile pictures is on weekends that is Friday or Saturday night. Because many people are busy with Facebook after leaving the office at these times. If you change the profile picture during office time, many people will overlook or ignore it.
  4. Do not change profile pictures frequently. People get bored seeing the same person frequently changing their profile photos.
  5. Do not take photos in the same style or the same dress. Rather, click photos in various dresses, in different colors.
  6. There are many people who take selfies in a particular place. Try to give general pictures rather than selfies. If that picture is taken on DSLR cameras, then it would be better.
  7. The background of the photo should be good.
  8. Specify where the image was taken.
  9. Make relevant captions in the photo.
  10. Offer courtesy to the person who clicked the photo. But do not tag anyone unnecessarily.

But if you do not get likes after all these, do not be disappointed. Because at the end of the day, you are the most important of yourself. That is the most important.

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