10 Tips To Prolong Your Android Phone Battery Life

Smartphone users face many problems. The number one problem is the battery problem. Smartphone batteries drain too quickly that you need a frequent recharge. Here are 10 tips to save your phone’s battery and prolong its life:

1. Charge your Android phone for at least 10 hours continuously just after buying it. Don’t touch your phone during this time. It will recharge your phone’s battery life and give it durability.

2. Drain your battery to 1% and then recharge to the full (100%) continuously. Do this practice at least once in a month. It will enable your phone’s battery to store more charge.

10 Tips To Prolong Your Android Phone Battery Life

3. Set your phone to Airplane mode while charging. It will disconnect any mobile network and your phone will be recharged quickly.

4. Don’t turn on the screen too frequently to check whether your phone is recharged or not. The display drains most of your battery.

5. Turn off your phone’s Live Wallpapers, WiFi, Bluetooth, Internet connections when you do not use them. All these drains your battery quickly.

6. Do not start charging your phone before sleeping at night. It will be fully charged in some hours and will be connected to the charger in the rest of the hours of your sleep. It reduced the battery capacity.

7. Use fewer applications, like games and other unnecessary funny apps to keep your mobile phone fast and save battery consumption.

8. Use the original charger for your phone. Some defective chargers take a longer time to charge. It hampers your phone’s battery life.

9. Use battery saving apps to prolong your phones battery life. Here are 10 such apps. If your phone is a rooted one, you must use Greenify ROOT for this purpose.

10 Tips To Prolong Your Android Phone Battery Life

10. Use a power bank to recharge your phone when you need anywhere. There are many types of power banks available in the market. Those are portable and easy to use.

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