10 Tips To Sleep Well At Hot Humid Summer Nights

It’s summer now. The hot and humid conditions are really uncomfortable for sleeping well at night. Especially when you are living in urban areas where load-shedding is a common phenomenon. You may need some tips to sleep well at these hot and humid summer nights. Here are some of those.

10 Tips To Sleep Well At Hot Humid Summer Nights


1. Use Light Color Curtains: Use light color curtains on your doors and windows. It will reflect all the lights from the Sun and will not absorb any heat. So, your room will be cool. Use the curtains all day to keep your room cool to the maximum.

2. Take A Bath Before Sleep: It’s always a good idea to have a bath before going to bed at these nights. If it’s not possible, sink your legs and arms in cool water for sometimes. Also soak your neck, throat with cool water.

3. Spray Water On Face: Keep a small water spray near your bed. You can spray some water on your face before sleeping. It will give a refreshing feeling to your mind and you will sleep well.

4. Cool Cloth On Forehead: Take your handkerchief or a piece of soft cloth, soak it in water, then keep it in the refrigerator for an hour. While sleeping, place it on your forehead. Your head will remain cool and you will sleep quickly.

5. Soaked Clothing: If none of the above measures work, you can put on a wet T-shirt and wet socks which will help your body to remain cool and prevent sweating.

6. Use Cotton Bed-sheet: Use cotton bed-sheet and pillow cover. Otherwise, you will feel an extra amount of heat at night which will hamper sleeping.

7. Drink Cool Water: Drink an adequate amount of cool water before going to bed. It will also meet the requirement of your body’s fluid need and will keep your body cool.

8. Open Windows: It’s a good idea to open all the windows of your living room. It will let the gentle breeze to come in your room and keep the room temperature at a tolerable level.

9. Sleep On Floor: Sleeping on the floor will ensure a good sleep as the floor remains much cooler than the bed.

10. Keep A Bucket Of Water: Keep a bucket of cool water in your room. Then turn on the electric fan and sleep. The water will vaporize and the room temperature will be low within a few hours.

Apply all these techniques to have a good night sleep at these hot and humid summer days.

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