10 Tips To Draw Maximum Visitors From Facebook Page Posts

Facebook is an effective way of drawing visitors to any website. Facebook Pages are very popular nowadays. So, you can easily get your website visitors by creating a Facebook Page with the same name to your website. For example, this website [maxbangla.com] is linked with a Facebook Page [https://www.facebook.com/drsujonpaul]. So, all the people who liked this page are connected to this website also. In this post, I will discuss some tips on how to draw maximum visitors to your website from your Facebook Page’s posts. Let’s start!

1. Create a Facebook Page with the same name to your website: If you create a Facebook Page with the same name, people can easily understand that the Page is connected to that website. So, they can easily like it. Otherwise, they have confusion in their minds and hesitate to like your page. So, this is an early important step.

2. Post regularly with your website’s post links: The more you post, the more you will gain visitors. As the visitors will find these posts on their home page, will click on them and ultimately will reach your website. So, post at least every 6 hours to get a running Facebook Page.

3. Use related images: Images draw more attention than links. So, whenever you get any attractive image, share it with the post link. It will grab more attention of the visitors and they will surely click the post link to see more of the photos.

4. Reply to comments: Always try to reply to the comments on your Facebook Page posts. The valuable readers of your website express their feelings and opinions through these comments easily. So, liking these comments and replying to these is very much important.

5. Try to be creative: Don’t always provide the same type of posts every day. Try to invent something new. Post differently. Use your language skills. It will make your readers amused and they will be curious enough to enter your website.

6. Schedule your posts: Sometimes you may not manage enough time to write posts. So, whenever you get some time, schedule some posts for the next few days. Facebook has provided this advantage for the page owners. So, you don’t miss any visitors at the right time.

7. Create a calendar of recent events: If you have written some posts for some upcoming occasions, you can create a calendar of those events and write schedule posts according to the calendar. So, no big events will be missed.

8. Invite your friends to like your page: Invite all of your friends to like your page. The more people like your page, the increased opportunity of getting more visitors to your website. So, invite all of them.

9. Regularly check your performance: Check your posts performances in the admin area. This will help you to invent something new for your posts.

10. Share your page’s post on your personal profile: You can also share your page’s post to your own personal Facebook profile. You can also ask your close friends to do the same. Thus, more and more people will come in contact with your Facebook Page’s post. It will result in a good number of visitors every day.

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