10 Tips To Remain Safe From Password Hacking

The password is the code that we use to login to any website. Nowadays many people are using the internet. They are signing up in many websites. Social websites are increasing day by day. So, more and more people are being the sufferer of password hacking.

Hackers are very clever now-a-days. They use several methods to hack your password. Keyloggers and Phishing web pages are created by them which are capable of stealing your password. In this post, I will show you how to remain safe on the internet by protecting your passwords. Just follow the simple rules discussed below:

10 Tips To Remain Safe From Password Hacking

1. Never use same passwords for every website. Use different passwords for different websites, such as, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter etc. If you use the same password and one of your account is hacked, other accounts will also be hacked easily.

2. It is very difficult to remind all passwords. So, write down your passwords in a notebook or notepad and keep it in a safe place. It will make you safe from password hacking.

3. Use complex passwords. Never use simple passwords like 12345, 123123, abcdef, abc123 etc. You can use passwords like At#pSG*Wd or something like this. Also, keep at least 8 or more characters in your password.

4. Use special characters in your password like !@#$%^&* etc. It will make your password stronger.

5. Use a mixture of uppercase and lowercase letters like AhUeLdWcbS etc.

6. Do not use any date, name or numbers that can be guessed easily by anyone. If you use APPLE as your password, anyone can try and hack your account.

7. In our day to day life, we register in a lot of websites for various purpose. Never use your e-mail passwords in these accounts. Try a new one.

8. Do not log in to your account from a different computer. If you go to a cyber cafe, change your password immediately after the browsing.

9. Use on-screen keyboard to input your password. Key-loggers can mark your key pressing sequence. So, this may be a way of safety from password hacking.

10. Change your passwords frequently. Changing passwords at least once a month, will keep you safe on the internet.

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