10 Tips To Remain Younger Than Your Physical & Mental Age

We get older day by day. Nobody can stop this procedure. But everyone wants to remain younger than the actual physical and mental age. Well, you can surely express yourself as a young person to others by following some easy tips. You can make yourself look like a young person of any age. Similarly, your behavior can be made like a young person if you want. Let’s discuss these techniques of being younger than others.

10 Tips To Remain Younger Than Your Physical & Mental Age


1. Drink at least 3 liters of pure drinking water daily. The water works as the medium for excreting waste materials from our body. Thus, you can look much younger than the others.

2. Drink good quality Honey at night for at least 3 times a week. Also, use Honey on your face to make yourself look younger with bright skin. Keep it for 15 minutes and then wash your face for better result.

3. Make a habit of regular physical exercise in the morning. Jogging or walking can do magic for your health. You won’t be looking older if you run for at least 2 kilometers daily.

4. Avoid fatty &  junk foods, eat foods made from plant derivatives. Fruits and vegetables can make you look younger than anything else.

5. Pass time with your loving ones. Pass more time with those who are older than you. Then you will feel yourself younger than others. Be neat and clean by cutting your hairs, shaving, having regular baths, etc.

6. Think positive. Always try to find something positive in all matters. You will not be unhappy if you find anything positive. Thus, your mental age will be lowered.

7. Always sit and stand still. Walk a bit quicker than others of your age. Always try to be active in your daily activities.

8. Laugh out loud. Remain jolly minded all day. It is seen that who laugh at least 15 minutes a day, live longer than those who don’t laugh at all.

9. Go for travel at least once a month. Remain away from your daily routine works for that day. It will make you feel better and your working abilities will be greatly increased.

10. Sleep well. Sleep at least 6 hours daily. If possible, sleep 8 hours after a heavy working day. Don’t sleep in the afternoon as it may result in insomnia at night.

Thus, you may build yourself as a younger person than your friends. Your wish is the first thing that is needed. Being younger is very much possible by following the above measures.

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  1. I will definitely follow all these guidelines. I really like these tips. I do my workout regularly to keep my health and skin fresh. But now I will follow these guidelines as well.

  2. Sir, your books are really making impact on my life. From now henceforth I know there is the natural method of becoming younger without taking drugs. Keep it up, sir.


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