10 Topics You Must Share With Your Partner Before Marriage

Marriage is an important part of human life. Everyone has many plans regarding marriage. In fact, we live in dreams. But it is also important to think about reality. It’s not important that you will get a wife/husband who will feel like you. But, as the marriage is a lifetime relationship, little things can make huge changes in both wife and husband if shared at proper time i.e before marriage. So, sharing a few topics will make the conjugal life more easy for both of you. Here are 10 such topics:

1. Family Planning: It is important to plan the number of children you will have, with the time of conception and the time interval between two children. As children are the most important part of your life, you should plan about these before marriage.

2. Financial Planning: Nowadays, everyone wants a partner who can earn and contribute to the family. If your partner’s income is less, you might not have the full taste of marriage. So, discussing the income and expenses after the marriage is important and it should be done before marriage.

3. Adaptation with family: It’s necessary that you become introduced to your partner’s family members and talk with them for some days before marriage. Otherwise, you will feel it difficult to adapt to the new family.

4. Career Planning: If you marry anyone in the same profession, it will be easier for you to plan for your career. You must have a plan to earn more and gain more power. These matters must be discussed with your partner before marriage.

5. Residence Planning: Where will you live after marriage. This is one of the most important things you must share with your partner. If you have a big family, you must counsel your partner to be accustomed to it. Otherwise, your partner will feel it difficult to live in a new environment.

6. Honeymoon Planning: You may discuss it after marriage. But it can also be discussed with your partner before marriage. It will make you dream more and will attract both of you towards marriage.

7. Religious Planning: If you marry a same religion girl/boy, it will be easier for you. But if your religion does not match with your partner’s religion, you have to discuss the matter carefully before marriage. Whether you or your partner should change the religion or not must be discussed before marriage.

8. Past Relationship: You must share any past relationship of yours with your life partner. It is not unnatural that you had a relationship some years back. But you must share it with your partner so that you remain in the safe side after marriage.

9. Private Matters: Every person has some private matters. You should share some of those with your partner before marriage. It will make your partner feel more secure with you.

10. Marriage Planning: You must plan the upcoming marriage with your partner. What will be happening on the occasion, who will be invited, what will be the menu, what will be the programmes and many more matters can be discussed with your partner? This will make your wedding a success.

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