10 Useful Tips For Women During Wearing Saree Perfectly

Saree is a tradition in Bengali culture. The beauty of any Bengali woman is fully expressed in Saree. And a little bit of ornaments makes it even more beautiful. During wearing saree, any woman should be careful about some common matters. If you don’t give these matters enough emphasis, you might face many difficulties after wearing saree.

Here are 10 useful tips for women during wearing saree perfectly:

Saree Wearing Tips

1. Always make sure the petticoat is tied tightly before wearing a saree. Otherwise, your saree will go down under your feet and will be torn by your shoes.

2. Don’t wear the petticoat too much above or too much below the navel. If you do so, you will look ugly.

3. Make sure your blouse is fit for you. Too much tight blouse will expose your fats and too much loose blouse will make you look unsmart.

4. Choose your saree according to the occasion. Understand the type of occasion and then select the type of saree for you.

5. Don’t make your blouse design as such the back is too large. If this happens, the bra straps will be seen under the blouse. Always attach the bra straps with the blouse by a safety pin.

6. Matching the right pair of shoes is also important. Match the color of the shoes with the color of your saree. Never wear flat shoes or slippers with saree. Avoid sports shoes as they will look even uglier. Use different types of heels with your saree according to your comfort.

7. Taking a large vanity bag with you will not be suited. Medium or small-sized bags will suit most and it will be easier for you to manage those.

8. Safety pins are important materials during wearing a saree. But, be careful that too many safety pins may ruin the beauty of the saree.

10 Useful Tips For Women During Wearing A Saree Perfectly

9. Makeup is also important in wearing a saree. But, excessive makeup will make you look ugly as the beauty of saree will be masked by the excessive makeup. So, have light makeup to make you look more attractive.

10. Ornaments are also a big factor in wearing a saree. If the saree is a gorgeous one, you will look more beautiful by wearing fewer ornaments. Always

Always stand still and walk with confidence when you wear a saree. It will make you more beautiful and look gorgeous. Thanks for reading this post.

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