10 Ways to Keep Your Body Cool in Hot Summer Days

Summer season is very hot and humid in Bangladesh and the rest of the world. In this season, excess temperature causes dehydration in your body. So, you feel week and exhausted. It will invite some diseases also. There are some ways in which you can prevent this unwanted water loss and remain cool during summer. Here are those:

1. Do not work much during hot summer days. Physical works can make you sweat to a great extent. Physical exercise can also be dangerous in these days. You can have a morning walk. But excess physical energy loss will make you dehydrated very soon.

2. Drink plenty of water. Water is another name of life. In the summer season, water is lost from your body insensibly by the skin. This loss can be restored only by plenty of water intake. Take a bottle of water anywhere you go.

10 Ways to Keep Your Body Cool in Hot Summer Days

3. Drink liquid foods regularly. Your body is facing water depletion, so you must take liquid foods now. Fruit juices, milk, soup, coconut water, etc are very effective in this case.

4. Wear loose and light colour clothes. It will reflect sun rays and your body will not get the heat. Use cotton cloths and forget all other types.

5. Do not use deep odour perfumes now. Use simple perfumes. It is better to buy anything which cools your body.

6. Refrain from smoking. It will create excessive heat in your body and you will feel exhausted. Instead, take a vitamin C tablet. It will make you feel better.

7. Avoid tea, coffee, and alcohol. They will make you thirst very soon. Drink soft drinks and fruit juice instead.

8. Avoid sunlight. Use an umbrella or a cap during walking. Try to walk through the shadows.

9. Have bath more than once in a day. It will be better if you spend some time in a bathtub.

10 Ways to Keep Your Body Cool in Hot Summer Days

10. Lay down on the floor. At first, clean your floor well. Then switch on your fan and lay down on the floor. It is beneficial for back pain also.

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