10 Ways To Know Whether You Have Diabetes Or Not

Diabetes is not one of the leading causes of death in the whole world. Although it was originated in western countries, it has spread rapidly in the whole world. In this disease, glucose absorbing capacity is decreased. So, people do not get the required nutrition as well as loss much weight and get an impaired immune system. There are many causes of diabetes. You will know it eventually by reading the other posts on maxbangla.com. But, today you will be provided with the 10 ways to know whether you have diabetes or not. So, let’s start:

1. Polyuria Or Increased Frequency Of Micturition: If you are experiencing increased frequency of micturition, you may suspect that you may have diabetes. Some people may urinate once every hour. It is an important clinical marker for the diagnosis of diabetes. As the glucose is not absorbed, it is excreted through the urine along with water from the tissue level. So, you will be dehydrated soon.

10 Ways To Know Whether You Have Diabetes Or Not

2. Polydypsia Or Increased Thirst: If you feel thirsty much frequently despite drinking enough water, you should check your blood glucose level. As mentioned above, you will be dehydrated, so you will be thirsty quickly after drinking water.

3. Polyphagia Or Increased Appetite: If you have diabetes, you will experience increased appetite or hunger. As glucose is not going to the tissue level, your body will always force you to eat more food so that it can get its required energy.

4. Weight Loss Despite Excess Eating: As glucose is not being absorbed, your body will lack energy. It will use its fat store to get energy. So, you will lose weight quickly. Some people have a conception that diabetes patients have a bulky body. They are partially right. Diabetes occurs in obese patients. Obesity is a cause of diabetes. But, once you have developed diabetes, you will lose weight. So, weight loss is a result of diabetes.

5. Weakness, Fatigue & Tiredness: As your body is lacking the required energy, you will always feel weak and fatigue. You will be tired after minor works. If you are experiencing these, you should check your blood glucose soon.

6. Impairment Of Sight: If you face difficulty in seeing objects for a few days, then you should check your blood glucose level. Diabetes causes some diseases in the eyes like Diabetic Retinopathy, Glaucoma, Cataract, etc. In all those conditions, you will face decreased vision.

7. Delayed Blood Clotting After Injury: If you have diabetes, you will experience a delay in blood clotting when some parts of your body are cut. It occurs due to less clotting factors approach to the site. Eventually, you will experience delayed healing (repair & regeneration) due to excessive bacterial growth and impaired immune system of your body in diabetes.

8. Excessive Skin Diseases: Skin is the first-line defense of our body’s immune system. But, in diabetes, frequent skin diseases occur due to lack of immunity.

9. Urinary Tract Infection In Female: Urinary tract infection commonly occurs in females. If any female experience frequent UTI, she should check her Blood Glucose soon.

10. Age Above 40 Years: If your age is above 40 years, you must check your blood glucose now to exclude any possibility of diabetes. You should consult a doctor if you have excess blood glucose and urinary glucose levels. You should also check these once every month if you have diabetes.

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