Long Term Relationship With Girlfriend: 10 Ways To Maintain

Love is divine. All men can’t love women. Only some selected and blessed men can make love to women before marriage. If you are one of them, it is your utmost duty to maintain a long term relationship with responsibilities for a long time before marriage.

Nowadays, short duration relationship is increasing at an alarming rate. The young generation can’t find their real love to whom they can marry and start a family. They choose their girlfriends without knowing their character. It sometimes becomes mismatched and reactions occur very quickly after starting that relationship.

To maintain a good relationship with your girlfriend, you must follow some rules. Don’t take this post as advice, rather take it as a suggestion. You may have some better ideas regarding this matter. Here I will share my own thoughts regarding this.


1. Express love in public: Girls always suffer from uncertainty. They always fear that you will leave them and break the relationship. So, express your love publicly. Tell your family and friends about her. Take her to your parents. Visit her parents too. Maintain a good relationship with them. Upload couple photo on Facebook, tell your friends about her. Thus, she will feel more comfortable and relaxed, being sure about the fate of your relationship. It will stabilize the relationship and you will seldom think about breaking this relationship in the future.

2. Buy Red & Romantic Gifts For Her: Red is the color of love. Buy heart-shaped cute and red color gifts for her at least once a month. The price does not matter at all. Even a red rose can make your girlfriend happier than a costly gift. Always make her feel the depth of your love.

3. Visit Parks & Restaurants With Her: You may call it dating! Whatever you say, it is necessary to maintain a relationship for a long time. Wandering along with your girlfriend in a nice place and gossiping with her for an hour or two will make both of you happy. You can also go for dinner or lunch if possible. Girls like eating fast foods with their boyfriends.

4. Praise Her: Every person wants to be praised. Your girlfriend must have something special in her. Praise her for that quality. Praise her at least once a day.

5. Make Her Laugh: Tell a joke or interesting story or experience to her & try to make her laugh. She will feel better talking with you and will want to talk with you for a longer duration. Call her by phone frequently whenever you get leisure. Utter the sentence I LOVE YOU at least once during each call.

6. Don’t Praise Another Girl: It may sound crazy, but it is true. Don’t dare to praise another girl in front of your girlfriend. Your girlfriend might think that you are being attracted to that girl. She will suffer from mental confusion even when you make your perception clear to her.

7. Give Priority To Her Opinion: Her opinion matters a lot. Whenever you are with your girlfriend, always ask her before taking a decision. Give priority to her opinion. If possible, do what she tells you to do. If not possible, explain to her the reason before doing according to your decision.

8. Capture Photos With Her: Photos can help to build a good relationship. Capture a couple of photos in beautiful locations. Watch those together, print some nice ones and decorate your living room with those photos. Tell her about it, she will feel so romantic and will understand your love.

9. Go Shopping Together: When you need anything, go to market with her. Give priority to her choice before buying anything. Similarly, go with her if she needs anything to buy from the market. She will feel more secure having your company.

10. Physical Relationship?: It is not necessary to have a pre-marital physical relationship. But love is as much physical as mental. So, this might be necessary to maintain a relationship for a long time. The pre-marital physical relationship creates problems like abortions. So, it is better to avoid it. A kiss or a hug is enough to express love. If you really love her, it is unnecessary to have a physical relationship before marriage. Marry her as soon as possible for a better conjugal life.

In present days, people fall in love with schools or colleges. They can’t marry quickly for economic uncertainty. So, these tips may come in handy for them. Again, these are not 100% true. You know best the ways of maintaining a long term relationship with your girlfriend. You should always try to make your relationship a better one.

Thank you for reading this post about long term relationship.

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