10 Ways To Promote Old Posts Of WordPress Websites

Promote Old Posts in many ways now. If you have got a WordPress website, then you might be thinking to promote the old posts of your website. Some of the old posts which are ranked in Google usually get a lot of visitors. On the other hand, some of those which are not in a very good position in the search engines, have poor visitors in it. In this post from maxbangla.com, you will know about 10 ways to promote old posts of your WordPress website. So, let’s start.


1. Share Links In Social media:
It may sound boring as it requires manual hard and regular work. But, believe me, it is the most effective as well. When you share an old post link on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc, you will get genuine traffics quickly. Those who will click on the links will come to your website with a thirst to know some information. So, they will also spend some time on your website and eventually help your website. You may like the plugin called Revive Old Post to save time. But, it is better to post the links manually. Because, it will mimic any mistakes like posting a wrong photo, wrong title, and description, etc.

10 Ways To Promote Old Posts Of WordPress Websites

2. Show Related Posts Below Each Post:
Related Posts Plugins will come handy for this purpose. There are hundreds of good plugins to show related posts below the posts as well as in the sidebar. Use a good one and it will show related old posts links with thumbnails below each post to make visitors interested in clicking them.

3. Show Popular Posts In The Sidebar:
There are many plugins to show popular posts from your website in the sidebar as widgets. These plugins usually gather posts with maximum views. But, we need to show the posts with the minimum views. There is a plugin named Most & Least Read Posts Widget. You can show the least read posts from your website with the help of this plugin. It will help you to promote old posts on your website.

4. Show Random Posts In The Sidebar:
You can show random posts in the sidebar to expose the old posts to the visitors. It will also help you to get views on the old posts.

5. Keep Navigation Simple:
One of the most common reasons why visitors don’t visit the old posts of your website is the unavailability of a simple and easy to find navigation system. Visitors always like to get things easily. If you keep your categories and page navigation buttons easily visible, they will surely look back to the older posts of your website.

6. Effective Search Widget:
If you have a WordPress website with a few hundreds of posts, you just need a search widget at the top right corner to help people find their required posts. You can use the WordPress default search as well as Google Custom Search to help your visitors.

7. Interlink Old Posts In New Posts:
When you write a new post, interlink some old posts in it. But, remember, use related posts with related words. Don’t spam. Because it will affect your visitors and they won’t like it.

8. Interlink Old Posts In Comments:
Similarly, you can interlink your website’s old posts in the comments as well. It will be another good way to draw visitors in the older posts.

9. Have An Advanced 404 Page:
404 Page is the page which is shown to a visitor if he/she makes any change in the URL or searches something which is not present on the website. When a visitor enters a 404 page, he/she generally closes the tab due to the inability to find the desired posts. It is one of the many ways why people leave your website quickly. If you keep your website’s 404 pages advanced with a search widget, popular posts, random posts, etc, the visitors who will accidentally go to that page will find a way to browse your website for some more reasons.

10. Update Old Posts:
One of the reasons why people don’t visit the old posts on your website is that they are backdated. When you get some time, update those posts with the latest information. It will make them attractive to the visitors and they will visit them regularly to get newer information.

Thanks for reading this post on how to promote old posts of your WordPress website.

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