10 Ways To Reduce Your Website’s Bounce Rate Easily

Bounce Rate is the ratio of 2 numbers: the number of visitors entering your website and the number of visitors leaving [bouncing] your website by viewing only the landing page. A high bounce rate means your visitors are not interested in viewing other posts of your website after reading the post where they came from Google search or other means. Rather they close the browser tab or leave your website.

It is a good indicator of your website’s quality. If you have a high bounce rate, you must make it user-friendly by any means. One of the best ways to do it is to visit your website in the view of a visitor, not the admin! Enter your website from a different browser. You must make up your mind like that you are only a visitor of that website, not an admin. Now look for the reasons that may keep a bad impression on your mind. If there is something, you must correct those to reduce your bounce rate.

10 Ways To Reduce Your Website's Bounce Rate Easily

Here are the most common 10 reasons why the bounce rate of your website may be high. Check for these tips and reduce your bounce rate easily.


Your website is visited daily from all over the world by a lot of people. They use different browsers. The most popular browsers usually can load all websites easily. But there are some browsers that will not load your website completely or properly. It must be corrected. There are many websites to test cross-browser compatibility on the internet. You may find these helpful to check the actual view of your websites in different browsers. You may find this website helpful for this purpose: browsershots.org


A visitor clicks your website’s link from a search engine or some other place. The browser started loading the website. But the loading icon moves and moves for so long before the visitor can have a sight of your website. It puts a bad impression on the mind of the visitor. He might find it better to leave your website before entering and choose another website from the search result list. So, Measure your page loading time. Then reduce it by all the available means. Remove all the unnecessary widgets and photos from your website. It will make your website faster. Also, choose a good hosting provider for a better server response. You will find these 2 sites helpful to reduce your page loading time: https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights and http://tools.pingdom.com/fpt/


Your visitor will like to have a quick view of your posts to have an idea about the content. You must write your posts in small paragraphs and make a headline or point before each of them. The headline will summarize the contents of the paragraph. As for example, you can look at the post you are reading now. There is a clear view of the 10 points that I will discuss now. So, you might find it easy to read the whole content in a few seconds. If you like this, you will get some extra time and look at other posts of similar type.


One of the best ways to increase a blog’s visitor is to interlink the posts of that blog. It means you have to put the link of a post of your blog inside another post. The posts must be related by some means. Otherwise, visitors will be annoyed. If you can do it correctly, you will reduce your blog’s bounce rate.


You might use some advertisements on your website. You must place these ads in the proper place. You need clicks from your visitors. On the other hand, you also do not want them to be annoyed by the ads. So, place the ads wisely. Don’t place a lot of ads on a page. It will reduce your blog’s loading time. Place the ads in a position that can be easily distinguished from the contents by your visitors.


There are many posts in your blog. Your visitors will love to read them. If they can’t find a way to get them, they will leave your website. So, you must use the page navigation widget/plugin and make it visible enough so that people can navigate through your blog easily and find more similar contents of their interest.


Sometimes visitors come to your website from links other than search engines. They usually land on your home page. They will like to search for their desired contents in a search box. So, you must use a custom search box in your blog at the top of the sidebar.


You might draw visitors from search engines by some good keywords. But if the keywords are not related to the post, your visitors will get a bad impression toward your website and leave it straight away. So, write your keywords according to the contents of your posts.


It is another factor which can reduce your bounce rate. A good looking website can attract its visitors and make them satisfied easily. Your blog’s colors must be soothing to the eyes. The background color must be different from the text color so that people can read your posts easily. Use of a lot of colors does not improve the beauty of a website. The rather simple and attractive look will do much better than that.


This is the most important thing. You must provide the content or information the visitor is looking for. You must be a good reader of your visitors’ minds. You must know their likes and dislikes. If you can satisfy a visitor by a post, he/she will look at another post for sure. You need not worry about all other factors if you can satisfy your visitors with the content of your website!

Those are the tricks to reduce your blog’s bounce rate. Thank you for reading this post.

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