15 Easy Tips For Giving A Good Public Speech

A good speech is a very difficult thing to provide. Most people can give a good speech in an empty room. But they feel nervous while speaking in public. They fear microphones and large crowds. There are many factors that come into their mind at that time. They think about their audience and feels very nervous. There are some easy basic techniques that can make your speech a better one. Here are the top 20 tips for providing a good public speech.

1. Learn about the topic of your speech. Collect information about the topic.

2. Make a good script. Make some points in the script to make it easy.

3. Read that script for a couple of times and try to memorize in front of a mirror or a friend.

15 Easy Tips For Giving A Good Public Speech

4. Keep an eye on the time. You can use a stopwatch.

5. Breath normally. Give a break for a couple of seconds after each point.

6. Visit the place of your speech before the occasion day and make it familiar.

7. Greet your audience at the starting of your speech.

8. Do not be nervous. Relax your mind.

9. Keep an eye on your voice and tone. You can speak gently in a literature seminar. But in a political seminar, your tone should be higher.

10. Tell some interesting stories during the speech to make it lively.

11. You may ask some questions about attracting the audience.

12. You should dress gently. Your hairs should be decorated gently.

13. Keep an eye on your body language. Body language can attract an audience.

14. Do not use mobile phones during the speech. It is better to silent or switches off the mobile phone.

15. Make a summary of your speech at the end of the speech so that the audience can remember your speech for a longer time.

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