5 Easy Ways To Live Long In This Beautiful Earth

All want to live long, but none of them want to sacrifice something for this purpose. If you follow some rules, you will surely be able to live long in this beautiful world. Here are those:

1. Quit Smoking: Those who smoke regularly or irregularly┬áshould quit smoking right now. It is difficult, but not impossible. You can see this post on 10 ways to quit smoking. If you can quit smoking, you will be free from some deadly diseases. Then, you will live longer than those who will smoke throughout their lives. Those who don’t smoke, never ever think of it. There is no health benefit of smoking.

5 Easy Ways To Live Long In This Beautiful Earth

2. Physical Exercise: Physical exercise is a must-to-do work for every day. Without having physical exercise, you should not eat your diet. Regular physical exercise allows your body to function accurately. It also reduces the chance of atherosclerosis and sudden unwanted death.

3. Balanced Diet: Most people don’t know what they should eat. They eat a lot of carbohydrate & fat and eat less protein. It causes obesity. If you are being obese, you should reduce your dietary amount of carbohydrate and fat. Rather you should intake protein. Again, red meat is harmful to our body. So, make your balanced diet chart now to live a few years more.

4. Regular Health Check-Up: You should go through a health check-up at least once in every 6 months. Random Blood Glucose, Blood Pressure, Pulse, Height, Weight, Creatinine, Complete Blood Count, Chest X-ray, ECG, Urinary Routine Microscopical Examination etc are must for every person during the check-up. It will show you any abnormality of your body and you will be able to prevent any deadly disease.

5. Remain Tension Free: Mental tension or stress is a silent killer. It will slowly make you weak and allow the possibility of some diseases. So, remain tension free as much as you can. Life is full of works. Work with joy. Then nobody will prevent you to live at least 100 years in this beautiful world.

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