5 Effective Tips To Rewrite An Article From Another Website

The internet is a vast field of learning. You learn many things from many websites. If you have a website, you may like to write the same kind of articles for your own blog/website. But you can’t copy-paste the articles as Google keeps an eye on all websites. So, you need to rewrite the articles in some techniques i.e: add some information and remove some others. These techniques are discussed in this post. Let’s start.

5 Effective Tips To Rewrite An Article From Another Website

1. Read the whole post slowly and attentively: The first task will be reading the whole post slowly and attentively. If you can understand the summary of the article, it will be very easier for you to write it in your language and style. So, reading is a must.

2. Change the article headline: Headline is the sentence which comes first in the search results. So, a new, keyword-rich and creative headline, different from the actual one is necessary for drawing attraction of the visitors.

3. Keyword-rich sub-heading: Sub-heading is another important parameter for SEO in case of blogging. A keyword-rich sub-heading can help the article to go to the top of the search result page easily. So, change the sub-heading of the post and make your own one.

4. Introduction: Introduction means a lot. A reader gets a clear idea reading the introduction paragraph of your article. So, a nice introduction is a must of a good article. Change the introduction with your own style. It will help your article and will make it look unique.

5. Create points and paragraphs: Points and paragraphs make an article look nice and elegant. You must divide your article into many paragraphs to look it different than the actual one. Also, don’t forget to change all the sentence structures with the help of voice and narration. Thus, any article can be rewritten in a few minutes easily.

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