5 Reasons Why You Should Not Commit Suicide

Suicide is Killing Yourself. It is a harmful act in any perspective. People commit suicide for many reasons, starting from a mere misunderstanding to the death of near and dear ones. But, is there any necessity of committing suicide? In this post, I will show you 5 reasons which will change your attitude towards suicide. You will not want to commit suicide in many cases. So, let’s start:

5 Reasons Why You Should Not Commit Suicide

1. Think About Your Parents: You have come to this earth as a supreme effort of two persons: Your Father & Your Mother. If one or both of them are alive, you must not commit suicide in any case. As your body and soul is not your own property totally. Your father and mother have rights to you. They have sacrificed a lot for you. So, if you make your mind to commit suicide in the future, you must seek permission from your parents at first.

2. Think About Your Wife/Husband: If you are married and your wife/husband is alive, you must think about the aftermath effects of your death to him/her. If you are a man, you may be the only earning person in your family. So, don’t let other members, including your loving wife to suffer after your death. That’s why statistics show that the tendency of committing suicide is much higher in single and widowed persons than married ones.

3. Think About Your Children: If you are a father or mother of someone, you must try to ensure his/her future to be as smooth as velvet. Think about your own childhood and the sacrifices your parents have done for you. You must do the same for the existing of mankind. Your children will be helpless after your death. So, never commit suicide if you feel, your children still need your help to live on this planet.

4. Think About Your Country: Your country has rights upon you. You have grown up using its resources. After your early death through suicide, it will suffer a bit, without your service. Your profession is important as it serves the nation. So, think a little about the people who might be affected as a result of your suicide.

5. Remember God: God has created you. If you believe this, you must not commit suicide in any case, whatever the reason appears. In every religion, committing suicide is a great sin. You will be punished by God if you commit suicide.

As you did not come to the earth on your own wish, you are not permitted to leave this earth by your own choice. So, make your mind towards living on this planet as long as you can. Natural deaths are mandatory for everyone. We all have to go one day. Wait for that last day and work for mankind.

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