5 Reasons Why People Unfriend Someone On Facebook

Facebook is known for its advantages for social networking. People can make friends on Facebook and can express their feelings with them online. But, sometimes, it happens that you make someone unfriend, that means, you remove him/her form your friend list. Why? What is the reason behind it? Let’s check out why people unfriend someone on Facebook. There are many reasons for this act. But the most common 5 are:

5 Reasons Why People Unfriend Someone On Facebook


1. Religious Contradictions: Religious contradictions can lead to unfriend of your Facebook friends. For example, you posted something of your religion. One of your friends, who believes in a different religion comments there with something you did not expect. That’s enough! You make your mind that this friend is better outside your friend list! It is happening so often in this world, where the sacrificing mentality is so less.

2. Political Contradictions: Alike the religious matters, political matters also contribute to unfriending of your friends on Facebook. Suppose, you follow a political party and posted a photo form a meeting of that party. One of your friends commented really bad words there. You will never think twice to throw him/her out of your friend list.

3. Irritating Activities: Some people perform irritating works on Facebook all the time. They literally don’t have any work except eating and sleeping. So, they posts and comments all the time on Facebook. None of their posts and comments are valuable or informative. Their comments are useless and boring. They also update the status so frequently that you only see their statuses one by one filling all of your home pages. So, you make a decision after long time toleration that, this person is better outside my friend list!

4. Newly Made Enemies: Enemies can be made anytime. And friends can be turned into enemies more rapidly than an unknown person. As, you expect more from a friend, if you don’t get up to the mark, you become unhappy with your friend. So, your newly made enemies will get a kick from you and discover themselves out of your friends list very soon!

5. For Cleaning Purpose: Sometimes it happens that someone sends you a friend request and you accept it, without knowing him/her well. Thus your friend list gets bigger. One day, you look at the friend’s number and you decide to cut some friends you don’t know or know in a lesser amount. Then you delete some persons from your friend’s list.

These are the most practiced reasons for deleting a friend from your friend list. Is there any other reason for which you delete most of your friends? Then comment here about it. Thanks for reading this post.

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