5 Reasons Why Boys Are Afraid To Start A Relationship

Some boys always fear to fall in love. They become so much afraid of the surroundings and the girl with whom he wants to start a relationship. But it is not a reason for being afraid at all. Here are 5 reasons why they become afraid of it.

1. Fear of expenses: It’s the first reason why they are afraid of getting into a relationship. They fear to spend money on their girlfriends. The girls need dinner, gifts, etc which requires extra money. So, many people lag behind the thinking of the extra expenses after the relationship.

2. Fear of dependency: After the relationship, girls don’t give much freedom to their boyfriends. They are always curious and suspects cheating in their boyfriends. So, boys feel a lack of freedom after the relationship and become afraid of being in a relationship.

3. Fear of responsibility: Responsibility increases after a relationship. You have to take care of the girl, you have to talk to her over the phone for a few hours a day & you have to give her time. So, boys become afraid of the responsibility and start to think against the relationship.

4. Fear of family/society: Family or society will never take a pre-marital relationship lightly. They will be angry with the boy most of the time. So, boys fear to be in a relationship.

5. Fear of losing friends: Friends are the best companions in life. But, after being in a relationship, you can’t hang out with your friends whenever you want. You will feel the shortage of time for your friends. So, people fear to get into a relationship.

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    • Well, it’s not about the extroverts or the introverts. It’s about the attitude towards a relationship. Both kinds may think about the above reasons.


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