5 Reasons Why Patients Don’t Complete Antibiotic Course

Antibiotics are those medicines which kill bacteria or stop their reproduction. So, if you don’t complete the antibiotic course prescribes by your doctor, some of the bacteria will die and some will not. Those bacteria which will not die, will reproduce in a quick time and develop resistance to that antibiotic. So, the same antibiotic will not work the next time.

But, many people do not complete the antibiotic schedule in many countries. Here are 5 reasons why patients don’t complete the antibiotic course.

5 Reasons Why Patients Don’t Complete Antibiotic Course

1. They Don’t Know The Consequences: If anyone knows about the mechanism of action of the antibiotics, he/she will never stop completing the antibiotic course. In the first paragraph of this post, you have read a gross consequence of not completing the antibiotic course. So, don’t take antibiotics by your own choice. Go to a doctor and follow the prescription of that doctor. If you are interested, you may read this post regarding Top 5 Reasons Why People Don’t Go To The Doctors.

2. They Lack Money: Money is not available in an excess amount to everyone. Many poor people live hand to mouth. They hardly earn money for buying food, let alone medicine. So, they can’t afford to buy the relatively costly antibiotics prescribed by the doctors. As a result, the stop taking antibiotics in the middle of the course.

3. The Symptoms Go Away: When many of the bacteria will be killed, your body will start to recover and your symptoms will start to go away. Many people stop taking antibiotics at this point. They think that the symptoms are gone. So, there is no benefit of taking medicine further. But, what they don’t know is all the bacteria are not killed. Rather, some of them are still alive, which will reproduce quickly and become resistant to the antibiotic. So, they will suffer more in the future.

4. They Forget Taking Medicine: It is a common problem for all. Even doctors forget taking medicine. This is because of their busy schedule. Diseases will not be cured if you don’t take the medicines on time. So, you must take the medicines on time by any means. You can use alarm clocks for this purpose. If you don’t take medicines regularly, the bacteria will become resistant in that extra bit of time when the body will lack the antibiotic.

5. They Don’t Maintain The Time Schedule: One of the boring works in this world is taking medicines. Many people are idle enough to take medicine regularly. Antibiotics should be taken at the exact time. Suppose, you are prescribed an antibiotic to be taken 2 times a day. You must take the 2 doses 12 hours apart. If you take those doses in your own fashion, it will not be effective enough. So, be strict regarding taking medicines.

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