5 Things To Check Before Selling Your Used Smartphone

Smartphones are being developed every day. Every week, there is a new smartphone hitting the market. People also want to taste the new features of the smartphones. So, they change their phones monthly or yearly. If you have decided to sell your smartphone, you might forget what things to check it before you hand it over to the buyer. In this post of maxbangla.com, you will come to know about the 5 things you should check before selling your used smartphone.

5 Things To Check Before Selling Your Used Smartphone


1. Contacts:

Your phone has got some contacts. If you have saved those in your phone memory, make sure to take a backup of those before selling the phone. Because you will have to restore the backup file in your new phone to get back those contacts. If you save your contacts to the email server, then you need not to this step. But, always check for any phone contacts and take a backup.

2. Memory Card:

Memory Card contains your valuable information like photos, videos, ebooks and other files. So, it is wise not to sell the memory card. You can use the memory card in your new phone also. If you still want to sell the memory card, make sure you reset the memory card and delete all the data in it. Some data recovering software like Recuva can restore deleted files. So, you must reset the memory card more than once and check for any restorable files by using Recuva.

3. Log Out:

If you use Facebook, Mail, Twitter etc on your phone, make sure to log out and uninstall those apps. If you forget to perform this task, your accounts may be compromised easily.

4. Factory Reset:

When you will sell your phone, always do a factory reset. It will make the phone look like the new one. It will delete all possible files you stored in your phone and install default apps and settings.

5. Explanation:

Make a clear statement to the buyer about your phone. Keep written documents and point out the things you are selling with your phone like charger, headphone, manual, box, data cable etc. Also, tell the buyer about the problems and using methods of the phone. Otherwise, the buyer may complain about your phone later.

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