5 Tips To Get Maximum Bokeh During DSLR Photography

DSLR Photography has become popular for a number of reasons. One of the most important reasons is the blurring of the background. This blurring is known as Bokeh in photography. For easy understanding, let’s at first look at the below photo.

As you can see, the actress is the subject here and her face is clearly visible. But, the background is blurred. This type of blur background makes the actress look more attractive. This is called Bokeh.

Bokeh is formed due to focusing the camera to a particular distance. It can be achieved and made more attractive by following some tips. In this post from maxbangla.com, you will know those.

5 Tips To Get Maximum Bokeh During DSLR Photography

1. Larger Aperture: If you don’t have an idea about aperture, you should first read this post and then come back to this one. A larger aperture (smaller f-number) decreased the depth of field. It isolates the focus on a narrow part of the subject. Everything around this narrow focal point becomes blurred. So, it creates more bokeh.

2. Faster Lens: The speed of the lens depends on the aperture. The more the aperture, the more the light entering in the camera and the less time to take a bright photo. So, use lenses which have a smaller f-number. For example, a lens of f1.4 will create more bokeh than a lens of f2.0. And the former one is faster than the later one.

3. Zoom In: If you have a zoom lens, then go far away from the subject and zoom into the maximum level of the lens to get the maximum bokeh.

4. Go Closer: The closer you remain to the subject, the more you will get bokeh. This is especially applicable for prime lenses.

5. Far Background: If the background is far away from your subject, you will get more bokeh. Always keep the distance between you and the subject more than the distance between the background and the subject, to get more bokeh.

If all the above measures are failed and you want to blur the background of a photo which has been taken already, use Adobe Photoshop or similar software to blur the background.

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