5 Tips Before Sending Facebook Friend Requests

Facebook is all about friends. Without friends, it will lose its color. So, people make friends on Facebook. Sometimes, they send friend requests far too many in a limited time. As a result, their Facebook Accounts get suspended. So, before sending a friend request to anyone, you should ask yourself the following questions:

1. Whether you know this person or not:
Always ask this question at first. If you are sure enough that you know the person in the real world, only then consider sending a friend request.

2. Whether the person knows you or not:
It is another question to be asked to yourself. Your friend request may not be accepted unless the person knows you too. So, be sure he/she knows you.

3. Is it really necessary to make this friendship:
Sometimes, we make friends carelessly. We don’t think about the advantages and disadvantages of it. Adding a bad guy in your friend list may cause you much harm. So, although you know a bad guy and he/she knows you, always ask whether it is harmless and necessary enough to add the person as a friend or not.

4. How frequently I am sending requests:
Facebook will block your friend request option if you send too many friend requests in a short period. So, even if you know 100 people and need them in your friend list, send them friend requests slowly. For example, send 10 friend requests per day. You will be safe in this practice.

5. Is the person senior or junior to me:
If you send a friend request to a junior and he/she doesn’t want to be friends with you, then it will be a matter of sorrow for you. You will feel sorry. So, always try to look at the age of the person you are sending a friend request.

Always check whether they have accepted your friend requests or not by this method. Regularly cancel the requests if you think that there is less chance they will add you in the future.

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