5 Tips To Know Before Installing Apps On Android Phone

Android phones are useless without apps. But, you must remember some points before installing any app on your Android phone. If you don’t follow these tips, you might be at risk of installing apps containing malware on your device which will harm your device and steal important information. So, let’s see what are those 5 tips:


5 Tips To Know Before Installing Apps On Android Phone

1. Don’t Install Unknown Apps:

Do not install any unknown app on your device. Hackers create different malicious apps and send links to your mobile by emails, SMS, etc to download them. Don’t download anything like this unless you are 100% sure about the link.

2. Install From Google Play Store:

Always install apps from the Google Play Store. This is the official market for downloading all Android apps. All the apps stored here are safe and will not cause you any harm. Avoid any other sources of apps.

3. Turn Off Install From Unknown Sources:

Go to your phone’s Settings option and then go to the Security option. You will find an option named “Install Apps From Unknown Sources”. Always keep that option turned off. It will not allow your device to install any unknown app.

4. Read The Permissions Before Installing:

When you click on any .apk file, you see a page with some permission requests. Most users don’t read them and quickly click on the install button. This should be avoided. Always read those permission requests. Don’t install the app if you find that it wants to access your personal information.

5. Use Antivirus App:

Use a good antivirus app on your phone. There are many renowned free antivirus apps in the Google Play Store. Use one of them to protect your device from any unwanted malicious apps.

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