5 Tips For Uber Riders To Save Money While Travelling

Uber is one of the best online based ride-sharing services which acts worldwide in a huge number of cities. It allows easy transportations for all at any distance any time at a very convenient face. But, sometimes it becomes so costly that you can’t afford to ride on Uber cars, especially during busy hours of the day. In this post from maxbangla.com, Uber Riders will know 5 tips to save money while riding on Uber cars.

5 Tips For Uber Riders To Save Money While Travelling

1. Use Skip Destination: Sometimes, the upfront fare shows very high rates. You can use the Skip Destination trick to avoid this extra amount of money in those situations. But, this trick is very tricky and requires a bit of luck. Use this trick only if you are sure that the roads are free of traffic and the upfront fare is showing too much than the approximate fare. You can use this trick by not entering the destination during requesting Uber. When you enter the Uber app, you can see a dialogue “Where to?” Tap on it. Then you have to tap on the option “Enter destination later”. You have to tell the driver about your destination when you enter the car. You can skip the route suggestion by Uber and use the shortest route by using this trick.

2. Follow The Cars: You can know the traffic situation in the way of your destination by following a car on the Uber app. If you have extra time, you can follow a car on the Uber app and calculate the time taken by that car to reach any particular point. Thus, you can get an idea about the condition of the traffic and decide whether you should go through Up Front or Skip Destination. If you find that the road is clear and the upfront fare is higher, you can confidently use the Skip Destination trick. If you see the road is blocked with traffic, you should use the upfront one.

3. Change The Road Side: It requires a bit of walking but can be very economical. If you see that you are standing on the side of the road which goes to the opposite side of your destination, simply cross the road and enter that new position as the starting position of your journey. Sometimes, there is no way for cars to change their direction and take a 180-degree turn. In those cases, Uber will suggest a route which is too long than the actual distance. You can try this trick to shorten the route and reach quickly as well as save some money.

4. Wait A Minute: Sometimes, Uber shows unstable fares especially during busy hours. You can see the differences in the upfront fare changing after every 2-3 minutes. By experimenting those, Uber Riders can select the Request option when it shows a lower fare. So, always try for at least 5-10 minutes to calculate and experiment about the fare and then request.

5. Complain Against Any Problem: If you face any problem during your ride, you can complain about that in the help section of your Uber app. If the authority thinks it is right, you can get Uber Credits refunded, which can be used instead of your real money during the next ride. In this way, you can save your money. But, don’t complain about any fake stories. Uber is smarter than you and can charge your account more if you are found doing false reports.

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