5 Tricks To Get The Best Music Experience On Android Phone

We all listen to music on our Android phones. We use headphones to get the best music experience. But, many of us don’t find the desired music experience with those headphones. Sometimes, we can’t buy costly headphones due to a shortage of money. And thus we listen to the boring quality of the songs for years without knowing the actual feelings of those songs. In this post, I will give you 5 tricks which can make any ordinary headphone a good one. You will surely feel the difference after listening to the same music you are listening right now on your earphone.

5 Tricks To Get The Best Music Experience On Android Phone

1. Burn The Headphone: Wait! Burning does not always mean throwing something into the fire. Headphone burning means adapting it to different types of sounds. It should be done immediately after buying a new headphone. If your headphone is an old one, you should not do this. There are some apps to do it. You can use this app to burn your headphone. The details are written in that app. So, I am not wasting your time right now.

2. Use A Good Music Player: Use A good music player like Google Play Music, Listenit or Pi Music Player. I have experimented many music players in the Google Play Store and found these three apps better than the others. All of these are free apps and without any ads. I like the Google Play Music app most because it comes inbuilt with the Android phones. You don’t have to install any extra app to listen to music.

3. Turn On The Equalizer: Equalizer is a good way to get the realistic music experience from your headphone. Google Play Music and almost all the music players have this feature. You can turn it on and try different modes to find the best suits of each song.

5 Tricks To Get The Best Music Experience On Android Phone

4. Turn On Bass Boost & Surround Sound: These features are not present in all the music players. But, the above-mentioned music players contain these features with different names. You can turn on bass boost, adjust the amount of bass and also turn on surround sound option to make the music feel like it is coming from a distant place.

5. Audio Settings: This feature may not be present on your phone. It is present in some phones from Xiaomi. In some phones, you will also get the DTS sound system. It offers different types of modes to change the listening experience of the listener. You can search this feature in the Sound settings on your phone.

5 Tricks To Get The Best Music Experience On Android Phone

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