5 Ways How Corona Virus Can Enter Your Home Easily

The Coronavirus can enter your home in many ways. But, if you stay at home, you will be safe. If you go out and then return, there are many ways how Corona can enter your home. People who are aware of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic are trying to follow the hygiene rules as much as possible. They are using face masks to protect themselves from the coronavirus that causes Covid-19. They are repeatedly washing their hands with soap and water and disinfecting widely used items such as door handles. But there are some other things that you don’t feel the need to clean. A healthy person can get an infection with the coronavirus through these things. Here are five things to disinfect when you return home from outside during Corona.


1. Spectacles: According to experts, even if the coronavirus enters the eye, the infection can occur. But those who wear glasses have a lower risk of getting infected. The coronavirus flies and sticks to the lenses, preventing them from entering the eye. However, it is necessary to disinfect the spectacles from outside the house. Otherwise, the virus can enter the body in any other way. To clean the glasses, first, wash them with warm water. Then apply soap water to the lens and other parts of the spectacles with the fingertips. Now wash again in hot water. Remove the glasses with a clean cotton cloth.

5 Ways How Corona Virus Can Enter Your Home Easily

2. Key: Your key can also carry coronavirus. So it is necessary to come home and get the keys virus free. You can wipe the key with a disinfecting wipe to destroy the virus or spray disinfectant liquid on the key. You can remove unnecessary keys from your bunch of keys and put them in the drawer.

3. Debit Card or Credit Card or Money: Anything exposed to the virus can be a source of infection. A debit card or credit card is no exception. If you use these cards, be sure to disinfect them with Lysol or Chlorox Wipe or Disinfectant Spray. You should also reduce the use of paper money and use cards and online banking instead.

5 Ways How Corona Virus Can Enter Your Home Easily

4. Wallet / Purse: A wallet or purse is in the list of most used items. But even so, many do not feel the need to de-virus them. But it is also vital to disinfect your wallet to reduce the risk of infection. You can use a solution of hot water and dish soap to disinfect a leather wallet or bag. Wipe the purse or bag by soaking a clean cloth in this solution. Then wipe the fabric wet with clean water.

5. Phone: Mobile phone is an essential part of our daily life. You use your phone when you go out during Covid-19. So, when you return home, make sure to keep your phone away from other objects. As it is a sophisticated electronic product, water can ruin it in a second. So, Clean the surfaces of the phone with tissue paper. You can also use glass cleaning sprays to disinfect the telephone.

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