5 Ways To Check Whether Any Website Is Up Or Down

Are you facing difficulty browsing any website? Then it may result from 2 main possible causes:

1. It may be your internet problem or any other firewall problem on your computer or mobile device. In this case, all other people around the world except you will be able to visit that website.

2. The website may be down. In this case, nobody will be able to visit the website.

How to find out, which one is the case for this time? Well, here are some websites that will inform you what happened!

5 Ways To Check Whether Any Website Is Up Or Down

1. downforeveryoneorjustme.com:

This is the best website in this category. There is no extra widget or advertisement here. You will see a text box only if you visit the website. All you have to do is to input the desired URL in the box and hit enter. You will know whether the website is up or down.

2. currentlydown.com:

This website is also a good one for this purpose. It will let you know about the server status of your desired website. It will also let you know the Response Time, Popular Websites that were down recently and many more.

3. websitedown.info:

This website will provide you the up or down status of any website. It will also provide you a list of the currently checked website around the world.

4. websitenotworking.com:

This is another website which allows checking the up and down status of any website.

5. ismysiteworking.com:

This website not only shows the up and down status but also shows other information about your desired website.

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