5 Ways To Recharge Your Android Phone Battery

Android Phones are capable of multitasking. So, the battery drains much faster than other mobile phones. If you are away from your house and traveling a long distance, you need good battery support to keep your phone switched on. You can do this by several methods. This post from maxbangla.com will provide you 5 ways to keep your Android phone always switched on by ensuring recharge of the battery.

1. Charger: The most common method of charging a phone’s battery is the charger. The power supply may be from the direct electricity supply or via the USB Cable from any other electronic device like desktop, laptop, etc. This method is used most of the time. But, you can’t use this method if you are traveling or away from your home where no such settings are available.

5 Ways To Recharge Your Android Phone Battery

2. Power Bank: Power banks are being popular day by day. It is nothing but a big battery of some thousands of mAh capacity. It can be used to recharge your Android phone via a connector. It is tiny and portable. So, you can recharge your battery anywhere and anytime you want.

3. Extra Battery: This is also a method of keeping your Android phone alive. When you are away from home and don’t have any power bank with you, you can keep an extra battery of your phone. When the first battery is drained, remove it and insert the extra battery, which should be charged fully.

4. Transfer Charge From Other Phones: This method will come handy if you can’t recharge your battery by the above three ways. It’s very simple. You need 2 cables for this. An OTG Cable and a conventional USB Cable. Connect the OTG Cable to someone else’s phone from where you want to transfer charge to your phone. Now, connect the USB Cable to your phone, which is running on low battery. Now, connect the free ends of those two cables. It will transfer charge from the other phone to your phone. Note that this trick will still work even any of the phones don’t have OTG function.

5. Extra Phone: If you can’t help yourself with any of the above 4 methods, then make sure to buy a simple phone for calling and messaging only. It will save you when you are traveling a long distance and away from home for a long time. When your Android phone battery is reduced to 5%, turn the phone off and turn the backup phone on with your SIM card.

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