5 Ways To Relieve Pain Quickly Without Any Medication

Pain is an unpleasant sensation, which we feel due to any malfunctioning in our body. It may result from any inflammation or any trauma. There are many medications for pain. But, all of those have some side effects also. So, we should not take those medications without the prescription of a registered doctor. But, what if you can relieve your pain quickly without medication? Sounds impossible? Not quite! Here are 5 methods in which you can reduce or relieve your pain without medication:

1. Deep Respiration: If you are feeling pain in any part of your body, take some deep breathes. It will deviate your mind to the respiration from the pain sensation. So, you will be able to reduce your pain sensation by 40-60%.

5 Ways To Relieve Pain Quickly Without Any medication

2. Think Of Favorite Foods: It may sound crazy but it’s true! If you think of your favorite foods for a long time, you will feel less pain. This may come handy during Migraine pain or Menstrual pain.

3. Meditation: Well, you have seen it right. It’s not medication. Rather, it’s meditation. Meditation allows your mind to be fixed on a certain topic. If you practice meditation every day, you will be able to deviate your mind from the pain sensation quickly through it.

4. Listen To Music: Listening to music reduces your pain sensation. So, if you feel pain in some part of your body, try to listen to joyful music.

5. Laugh Out Loud: Laughing loudly will also reduce your pain sensation. It will make you happy for a moment and you will be able to reduce your pain sensation quickly.

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