5 Ways To Stop Playing Addictive Game Clash Of Clans

Clash Of Clans (COC) is one of the top grossing games in many countries including Bangladesh. Most of the smartphone users play this game and eventually develop addiction towards it. Some of them can’t stop playing this game due to fear of loss of trophies while some others play it to get more trophies. They kill their valuable time and energy playing this game all day and night. If you are one of them or someone you know is addicted to this game of Clash Of Clans, you are reading this post from maxbangla.com to know the ways to stop playing this game. Well, it is a difficult task, but not impossible. Here are the 5 ways to prevent yourself from playing COC:

5 Ways To Stop Playing Addictive Game Clash Of Clans

1. Uninstall The Game: If your game is not connected to the Google Play Services app, you can uninstall the game. It will delete all information of your profile from your phone. So, you will lose interest in playing this game.

2. Delete Google Account: If your COC is connected to the Google Play Services, you can follow this way. But, note that it will permanently delete your Google account including some services of it. To delete your Google Account, visit this link.

3. Spend All Gems, Coins, Elixirs: If you want a better solution than the second one, you can choose this. Spend all your coins, elixirs, gems and dark elixirs by any means. It will also prevent you from playing this game as you will lose interest after this act.

4. Stop Internet Connection: It is another solution. Just close the internet connection of your phone. Clash of clans needs the internet connection. So, if you don’t have internet connection on your phone, you will not be able to play this addictive game.

5. Stop Using Smartphone: If possible, stop using the smartphone. Use a normal phone with or without the internet connection. It will keep you away from the Clash of Clans game.

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    • You should try your best. Self-control is the best control. It will ruin your career. So, don’t play it anymore. You can visit a doctor for your sleeping problem.

  1. Apni apnar bon ke emon ek anarir sathe biye den je COC khele. Ar tar mobile e apnar COC er Gmail ta save kore den. Tokhon se khele apnar sob gems ses kore dibe ar 2000000-3000000 gold, elixir loss kore dibe. Ebong tokhon apnar mon venge jabe. Ar apnar COC khelte mon hobe na.
    Amar sathe emon hoyeche. Amar 1000 gems nosto koreche amar dulavai. Ami townhall upgrade dile se cancel kore abar dey. Abar amar army camp e troops full thakle ta sob kete abar taining dey. Kintu se tar nijer village er sathe amon kore na. Ami tar age max kore felsi to tai tar eto hingsa. Emon onek bar hoyeche. Amar duita ID er sathe emon kore. Kisu jiggasa korle je gems ki korsen, kichu bole na. Ajkeo emon koreche. Amar monta onek kharap. Ami tar jonno builder o kinte pari na. Tai ami ajke COC khela chere dibo. Amar onek kanna pacche. Amar eto koshter village. :'(
    Eta ekti bod obbhas. Ekti kharap nesha. Ami ekhon bujhte pari je ami amar jiboner koto mulloban somoy noshto korechi etar piche.


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