50 Study Tips For Best Result In School/College Examinations

If you are a school/college student, you already know the ways to become one of the top students. The examinations will decide who will be first and who will be last. So, you must give your 100% concentration to the examinations. If you lack concentration, your friends will overtake you and you will lag behind. There are so many tips for doing good results in school and college examinations. In this post, I will show some of them. I think, these are the most important ones for your age:

1. Work hard. Build a hard-working mentality.

2. Eat a balanced diet. Be healthy for giving your 100%.

3. Make your reading environment yourself. The environment matters for good results.

4. Keep patience. Don’t deserve the result before working for it.

5. Be punctual. Systematic life brings good result easily.

50 Study Tips For Best Result In SchoolCollege Examinations

6. Be confident. Whatever you know, make sure you can write/tell it to the point anytime.

7. Be pious. Worship God and pray for your success.

8. Make your own notes. Don’t rely on teacher/friends’ notes.

9. Abide by the seniors [parents, teachers, elder siblings etc].

10. Build your character. Characterless educated person is nothing but a piece of shit.

11. Make a routine and follow it strictly.

12. Try to write beautifully. Handwriting can be improved if you try.

13. Read from the beginning of the year.

14. Write in small paragraphs in exam papers.

15. Write in simple sentences and avoid difficult words.

16. Try to finish the answers within the limited time.

17. Avoid repeat of any information in the same answer.

18. Prepare yourself by model tests.

19. Wake up early in the morning. It increases your study time.

20. Read at least 10-12 hours for best results.

21. Set your goal and remember it every time you sit for study.

22. Seek help from your teachers.

23. Revise the lesions you read one week ago.

24. Follow more than one book for any subject.

25. Take your study as a game. Read with joy.

26. Gossip with the best students in your class regarding your lesions.

27. Always want to be the first. Keep no alternative.

28. Give emphasis on each and every subject equally.

29. Try to understand your lessons. Don’t memorize it blindly.

30. Keep your mind in a peaceful state. Don’t be overexcited for any reason.

31. Attend classes regularly.

32. Read your syllabus thoroughly. Make a clear idea of it.

33. Avoid guidebooks, read textbooks more and more.

34. Decorate your khata/exam paper. A beautiful exam paper creates the first impression.

35. Read inspirational books during leisure.

36. Make good friends. Friends are important throughout your life.

37. Play in the school ground in the afternoon.

38. Read in small study groups of 4-5 students.

39. Good schools/colleges with good teachers also account for good results.

40. Avoid spelling mistakes.

41. Avoid grammatical mistakes.

42. Avoid copying in the exam hall.

43. Read the subject more in which you are week.

44. Avoid student politics. Politics is not necessary at school and college level. Study is more important than it.

45. Avoid love/relationship during school life. There is enough time for that in your life.

46. Avoid the internet, television, video games addiction.

47. Sleep well before an exam.

48. Finish daily homework regularly.

49. Write whatever you read. Take a paper and pen, study by reading and writing.

50. Avoid smoking, alcohol and other bad habits in school and college life.

If you can follow the above tips, I can guarantee you that you will come up with a brilliant result in your school/college exams. The decision is up to you now!

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